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js-stack-from-scratch - 🛠️⚡ Step-by-step tutorial to build a modern JavaScript stack.

  •    Javascript

Welcome to my modern JavaScript stack tutorial: JavaScript Stack from Scratch. This is a straight-to-the-point guide to assembling a JavaScript stack. It requires some general programming knowledge, and JavaScript basics. It focuses on wiring tools together and giving you the simplest possible example for each tool. You can see this tutorial as a way to write your own boilerplate from scratch. Since the goal of this tutorial is to assemble various tools, I do not go into details about how these tools work individually. Refer to their documentation or find other tutorials if you want to acquire deeper knowledge in them.

redux-storage - Persistence layer for redux with flexible backends

  •    Javascript

Save and load the Redux state with ease. And you need to install at least one redux-storage-engine, as redux-storage is only the "management core".

redux-connect - Provides decorator for resolving async props in react-router, extremely useful for handling server-side rendering in React

  •    Javascript

How do you usually request data and store it to redux state? You create actions that do async jobs to load data, create reducer to save this data to redux state, then connect data to your component or container. Usually it's very similar routine tasks.

fluxible-immutable-utils - A mixin that provides a convenient interface for using Immutable

  •    Javascript

This package provides easy to use mixins/utils for both fluxible stores and react components.This method creates an immutable higher order component.

redux-immutable-examples - A complete application showing use of redux-immutable.

  •    Javascript

A complete application showing use of redux-immutable.

gistlord - fast github gist searcher viewer editor manager note taker built with React & Redux

  •    HTML

fast github gist searcher viewer editor manager note taker built with React & Redux

audio-insights - Audio insights derived from your Spotify library using React and Redux-saga

  •    Javascript

I built this web app teach myself about front-end development with React and Redux. For a long while I've yearned for an enjoyable, fast and understandable way to create UIs for APIs that I build. I've experimented with various other frameworks/tools but none resonated with me like the React/Redux combo. The community around these technologies is outstanding. This app connects to the Spotify API using the Implicit Grant Flow to authenticate. I'm a hobby musician with a deep interest in music and music production. I thought it'd be an interesting project to present the data available from the Spotify API in various ways.

pokego-serverless - Serverless-powered API to fetch nearby Pokemon Go data

  •    Javascript

Serverless-powered API to fetch nearby Pokemon Go data. Currently returns mapPokemon, nearbyPokemon and wildPokemon. Adjust lat, lon and alt parameters as needed.

chai-immutable - Chai assertions for Facebook's Immutable library for JavaScript collections

  •    Javascript

This plugin provides a set of Chai assertions for Facebook's Immutable library for JavaScript collections. ⚠️ To use chai-immutable with Chai v4, you need to use npm install --save-dev chai-immutable@next (or yarn add --dev chai-immutable@next) instead, until I am done with the v2 release of this plugin. I apologize for the inconvenience in the meantime.

inferno-most-fp-demo - A demo for the ReactJS Tampa Bay meetup showing how to build a React+Redux-like architecture from scratch using Inferno, Most

  •    Javascript

javascript: This branch uses a plain JS object to store the global app state. This is the default branch you will be on when first cloning the repository. There is no master branch. mori: This branch uses a mori hashMap (an immutable & persistent data structure) to store the global app state. mori is similar to immutable-js, but features a more functional API & better performance.

react-native-immutable-list-view - :scroll: Drop-in replacement for ListView, FlatList, and VirtualizedList

  •    Javascript

Drop-in replacement for React Native's ListView, FlatList, and VirtualizedList. It supports Immutable.js to give you faster performance and less headaches.

ReactNativeTemplate - Our example of simple application using ReactNative and some recommendations

  •    Javascript

During our time developing mobile apps we have gathered some experience and preferences in architecture and libraries. We decided to gather it all in one project to share it with all community. So we created this template. We found out and combined the patterns and libraries to make a robust app that works properly on both platforms: Android and iOS. If you have not yet installed React Native, you can use this tutorial.

immutable-treeutils - Functional tree traversal helpers for ImmutableJS data structures

  •    Javascript

This CommonJS module is a collection of helpers to access and traverse ImmutableJS tree data structure with a DOM-inspired interface. Check the changelog for further information and migration instructions.

reactlink-immutable - Two-way binding Mixin for React with support for Immutable.js data structures

  •    Javascript

A React mixin that provides two-way data binding for components using ImmutableJS data structures as properties of this.state. Ok, let's back up a little bit. React provides a method, known as ReactLink, to update this.state on a component whenever the value of an <input> field changes. This method is exposed by the convenient mixin React.addons.LinkedStateMixin, which essentially just binds the onChange event handler of the <input> field to the this.setState() function.

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