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vorpal - Node's framework for interactive CLIs

  •    Javascript

Conquer the command-line.Vorpal is Node's first framework for building interactive CLI applications. With a simple and powerful API, Vorpal opens the door to a new breed of rich, immersive CLI environments like cash and wat.

Jest - Delightful JavaScript Testing

  •    Javascript

Jest is a delightful JavaScript Testing Framework with a focus on simplicity. It works with projects using: Babel, TypeScript, Node, React, Angular, Vue and more. It provides instant feedback, fast interactive watch mode runs only test files related to changed files and is optimized to give signal quickly.

cordova-plugin-fullscreen - Plugin for Cordova (PhoneGap) to enable Android's various full screen modes

  •    Java

Plugin for Cordova (or PhoneGap) 3.0+ to enable true full screen on Android devices using lean and immersive modes, ported from our popular ANE for Adobe AIR. Released under BSD license; see LICENSE for details.

trelew - An interactive shell for Trello.

  •    Javascript

Nodejs 4 is required. If yours is below that, please follow instructions here to upgrade. On the first run you'll be asked to generate a token.

vorpal-autocomplete-fs - File System tabbed autocompletion for Vorpal

  •    Javascript

An extension to Vorpal that provides File System-based tabbed autocompletion for a given command. This is an exact match of the autocomplete functionality provided in Unix commands like ls or cat.

vorpal-grep - An ES2015 implementation of the grep command.

  •    Javascript

A 100% Javascript (ES2015) implementation of the grep command. Letter-perfect POSIX implementation, 31 tests, 100% coverage.

vorpal-less - An ES2015 implementation of the "less" command.

  •    Javascript

A 100% Javascript (ES2015) implementation of the less command. A Vorpal.js extension, vorpal-less lets you pipe vorpal commands and content through less.

vorpal-repl - Simple REPL extension for vorpal.js

  •    Javascript

REPL extension for Vorpal.js. Installs the repl command, which drops you into a REPL session within the context of the application. Built in to Vantage.js by default.

vorpal-tour - Tour users through your Vorpal app

  •    Javascript

A Vorpal.js extension for building a mature tour that walks users through your interactive CLI with ease. Simply use vorpal.use(tour, options) to add the tour as a Vorpal extension.

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