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Crescento - Add curve at bottom of image views and relative layouts.

  •    Java

Android library that adds a curve at the below of image views and relative layouts. CrescentoImageView and CrescentoContainer are the image view and relative layout respectively. You can change the radius of curve with attribute:curvature. Here is a very good example of how to use Crescento. Zsolt Szilvai has made a very good design and I've illustrated using crescento.

CircleImageView - A circular ImageView for Android

  •    Java

A fast circular ImageView perfect for profile images. This is based on RoundedImageView from Vince Mi which itself is based on techniques recommended by Romain Guy. As this is just a custom ImageView and not a custom Drawable or a combination of both, it can be used with all kinds of drawables, i.e. a PicassoDrawable from Picasso or other non-standard drawables (needs some testing though).

LKImageKit - A high-performance image framework, including a series of capabilities such as image views, image downloader, memory caches, disk caches, image decoders and image processors

  •    Objective-C

The framework has a high degree of scalability. In this framework, developers can customize any part of the picture frame, such as: custom picture display logic, custom cache, custom downloader, custom decoders, Custom image processing algorithms and more.

KenBurnsView - Android ImageViews animated by Ken Burns Effect

  •    Java

Android library that provides an extension to ImageView that creates an immersive experience by animating its drawable using the Ken Burns Effect. For a working implementation, see the sample/ folder.

XBanner - :fire:【图片轮播】支持图片无限轮播,支持自定义指示点、显示提示文字、切换动画、自定义布局,一屏显示多个等

  •    Java


AlloyViewer - H5图片查看器—Imageview component built with react

  •    Javascript

Copyright(c) 2016-2017 AlloyTeam. Licensed under MIT license.


  •    Java

####TODO: Add sample and radius params.

Music-Cover-View - Subclass of ImageView that 'morphs' into a circle shape and can rotates

  •    Java

A Subclass of ImageView that 'morphs' into a circle shape and can rotates. Useful to be used as album cover in Music apps. It's used by this Music Player prototype.

Print - A lightweight Android library for use iconic fonts.

  •    Java

A lightweight Android library for use iconic fonts. Add your custom iconic fonts to assets/.

BlurredImageView - Blurred ImageView for your android designes

  •    Java

Blurred ImageView for your android designs. This project uses Manabu-GT EtsyBlur project for applying fast blur on ImageViews in your android application. While Manabu-GT is used for bluring Bitmaps that project provides easy integration with bluring ImageViews in your Android App this library gives you a super simple integrations with blurred ImageViews.

NoiseView - Android library written in kotlin that add a noise effect to image.

  •    Kotlin

With NoiseView you can easily add a noise effect to your image. NoiseView extends from ImageView, so it has all of its possibilities.

Android-BadgedImageView - Simple library for placing media type tags or text over an ImageView

  •    Java

Easily add badges to an ImageView to describe its content. Recently, in Talon for Twitter, one of my challenges was that you couldn't tell if media was a GIF, video, YouTube, etc. All the images just had the generic play button on them. This library, based off of Plaid, was my way to fix that.

ABMediaView - Media view which subclasses UIImageView, and can display & load images, videos, GIFs, and audio and from the web, and has functionality to minimize from fullscreen, as well as show GIF previews for videos

  •    Objective-C

ABMediaView can display images, videos, as well as now GIFs and Audio! It subclasses UIImageView, and has functionality to lazy-load images from the web. In addition, it can also display videos, downloaded via URL from disk or web. Videos contain a player with a timeline and scrubbing. GIFs can also be displayed in an ABMediaView, via lazy-loading from the web, or set via NSData. The GIF that is downloaded is saved as a UIImage object for easy storage. Audio can also be displayed in the player by simply providing a url from the web or on disk. A major added functionality is that this mediaView has a queue and can present mediaViews in fullscreen mode. There is functionality which allows the view to be minimized by swiping, where it sits in the bottom right corner as a thumbnail. Videos can continue playing and be heard from this position. The user can choose to swipe the view away to dismiss. There are various different functionality that can be toggled on and off to customize the view to one's choosing. To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first.

ParallaxRecyclerView - Parallax effect on every item of your RecyclerView.

  •    Java

Get your ParallaxRecyclerView instance, and set its adapter as shown in sample. You need to provide a ParallaxImageView, which will handle parallax effect, on your recyclerView's item. In your adapter create a ViewHolder which extends ParallaxViewHolder. This will make you implement below method that you need to return your ParallaxImageView's id on item.

FMImageView - FMImageView is a slideshow and image viewer with zoom and interactive dismissal transition

  •    Swift

FMImageView is a slideshow and image viewer with zoom and interactive dismissal transitions. FMImageView is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.