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Gallery - 📹 Your next favorite image and video picker

  •    Swift

The content controller is not loaded until the users navigate to, which offers a much faster experience.

ImagePicker - :camera: Reinventing the way ImagePicker works.

  •    Swift

ImagePicker is an all-in-one camera solution for your iOS app. It lets your users select images from the library and take pictures at the same time. As a developer you get notified of all the user interactions and get the beautiful UI for free, out of the box, it's just that simple. ImagePicker has been optimized to give a great user experience, it passes around referenced images instead of the image itself which makes it less memory consuming. This is what makes it smooth as butter.

YPImagePicker - 📸 Instagram-like image picker & filters for iOS

  •    Swift

YPImagePicker is an instagram-like photo/video picker for iOS written in pure Swift. It is feature-rich and highly customizable to match your App's requirements. 🌅 Library 📷 Photo 🎥 Video ✂️ Crop ⚡️ Flash 🖼 Filters 📁 Albums 🔢 Multiple Selection 📏 Video Trimming & Cover selection 📐 Output image size And many more...

RxImagePicker - :rocket:Support for RxJava2

  •    Kotlin

Support for RxJava2. Flexible picture selector of Android, provides the support for theme of Zhihu and WeChat. Zhihu: Famous Online Q&A Community APP in China. WeChat: Most Used Instant Messaging Social Networking App in China.

RAImagePicker - 📸 iMessage-like, Image Picker Controller Provides custom features.

  •    Swift

RAImagePicker is a protocol-oriented framework that provides custom features from the built-in Image Picker Edit. Object RAImagePickerController manages user interactions and delivers the results of those interactions to a delegate object.

LFImagePickerController - 一个支持多选图片和视频的图片选择器,同时有预览、编辑功能

  •    Objective-C


WAProfileImage - WAProfileImage - A library for Android for choosing and editing profile image like WhatsApp

  •    Kotlin

WAProfileImage - A library for Android for choosing and editing profile image like WhatsApp

WCLImagePickerController - 可自定义的图片选择器

  •    Swift