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dreamy-components - Totally Sweet Looking Components That Do Absolutely Nothing

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Sentry Dreamy Components are a series of stateless, purposeless, and contextless pieces of styled jsx; they are designed to build product illustrations that are fun, active, and don't use a lot of bytes. Think of it like jsx-as-svg. Because they are written in pure jsx, these components can also be rendered down to flat html without any side-effects. This makes them easy to import and use in static sites. You can find the static files in the static_components directory.

coloring-book - :art: :pencil2: An open source collection of illustrations I've made for you to color!


Below is are the currently available pages. I'm always working on the next one, so follow this repo, or check back soon. The content in this repository (specifically the artwork) is being made available to use freely for personal use. Anyone who wants to can print out the illustrations and color them.

brand - 🎨 Materials for your articles and talks about storybook


This repository contains Storybook brand assets. Feel free to use and customize these assets for your articles, talks, addons, websites, and anything else you can think of. Share that your project uses Storybook by adding our badge to your readme or website.

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