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instant-fileserver - An instant file server from your command line

  •    Javascript

instant file server (ifs) turns any directory into an instant file server, and it runs directly from your command line. Install it once per machine and then run it in as many directories as you'd like. instant-server can be installed via Node Package Manager.

fractal - Draw fractal image by python.

  •    Python

If you want to speed up the calculation of Julia Set or Mandelbort Set, you can use the fractension module in C_Extension dir. But you must build the fractension module by yourself , the more details in here.

xirho - xirho is a simple generalized iterated function system plotter.

  •    Go

Xirho is a simple generalized iterated function system plotter. It makes pretty pictures out of math. An iterated function system, or IFS, is just a list of functions that turn points into other points.

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