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jsx-control-statements - Neater If and For for React JSX

  •    Javascript

JSX-Control-Statements is a Babel plugin that extends JSX to add basic control statements: conditionals and loops. It does so by transforming component-like control statements to their JavaScript counterparts - e.g. <If condition={condition()}>Hello World!</If> becomes condition() ? 'Hello World!' : null. Developers coming to React from using JavaScript templating libraries like Handlebars are often surprised that there's no built-in looping or conditional syntax. This is by design - JSX by is not a templating library, it's declarative syntactic sugar over functional JavaScript expressions. JSX Control Statements follows the same principle - it provides a component-like syntax that keeps your render functions neat and readable, but desugars into clean, readable JavaScript.

gulp-if - Conditionally run a task

  •    Javascript

A ternary gulp plugin: conditionally control the flow of vinyl objects. Note: Badly behaved plugins can often get worse when used with gulp-if. Typically the fix is not in gulp-if.

p-if - Conditional promise chains

  •    Javascript

It's just a passthrough if condition is false and doElse is not provided.Returns a thunk that returns a Promise.

if-env - Simplify npm scripts with `if-env ... && npm run this || npm run that`

  •    Javascript

Suppose you want to simplify development and be able to run npm start in all environments & run the correct scripts.The problem is, this doesn't work in all environments.

promise-conditional - Use if-then-else in promise chains

  •    Javascript

It relies on any-promise to find a Promise library. You can use bluebird, q, when, or the native Promise implementation of Node.js or the browser.Starts a condition chain. This is exported via require('promise-conditional').

if-exp - :tophat: Conditional expressions for JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Now, if-exp will yield a function depending on the conditions and we directly execute it resulting in a lazy statement evaluation.

react-if - 🌗 Render React components conditionally (UNMAINTAINED)

  •    Javascript

Render React components conditionally. If condition evaluates to true, renders the <Then /> block will be rendered, otherwise renders the <Else /> block. Either block may be omitted.

p-break - Break out of a promise chain

  •    Javascript

See "How do I break out of a promise chain?" for a better way. Starts the break. Any .then()'s between here and pBreak.end() are skipped.

langterm - 🕹️ WebGL-based VT220 emulator, made as a learning example and frontend for a text adventure

  •    HTML

This is a WebGL-based VT220 emulator with a simple fallback for non-JS/non-WebGL/non-desktop browsers. Made as a learning example and frontend for a cute text adventure game. Also used as my home page on https://langworth.com/, hence the extra files.

gulp-match - Does a vinyl file match a condition?

  •    Javascript

Does a vinyl file match a condition? This function checks the condition on the file.path of the vinyl-fs file passed to it. A vinyl-fs file.

ternary-stream - A ternary stream: conditionally control the flow of stream data

  •    Javascript

A ternary stream: conditionally control the flow of stream data

postcss-if-media - A PostCSS plugin to inline or nest media queries within CSS rules & properties.

  •    Javascript

A PostCSS plugin for adding ?if media queries inside rules and inline with property values. A great way to keep style values for different media queries neatly organized and grouped together under their natural rules. Use with PostCSS Media Minmax and PostCSS Custom Media for best effect (be sure to place postcss-if-media before postcss-media-minmax, and postcss-custom-media, or any other media query plugins). The plugin provides ?if media QUERY as an inline declaration and a nested block, where QUERY is any valid media query.

zmachine-api - Web service to manage zmachine game instances, for fun and whimsy

  •    Javascript

You are standing in a repository. There is a README here. This project aims to provide a simple web service that can bring up and run games in a z-machine. It was originally written to be interacted with by a hubotscript, but could presumably be used by anything you like, which is the fun of APIs.

if-emoji - Check a character if it is a correctly supported emoji.

  •    Javascript

Check a character if it is a correctly supported emoji.

re-lmgtfy - Now that lmgtfy.com has ads, all is lost if we don't recreate it.

  •    HTML

This is simply a lmgtfy.com remake without ads. Simply visit http://arinerron.github.io/re-lmgtfy/ and type in the info it asks for to generate a re-lmgtfy link.

react-deco - :hotsprings: React utility belt to write functional components and declarative JSX code

  •    TypeScript

React Deco is a library that aims to make React complex views more declarative, idiomatic, easy to read, and easy to write, by consequence more mantainables. This library takes advantage of Render-Props pattern (effectively used by React Router and Downshift) to make possible to write conditionals and loops in a more declarative way while reducing visual cluttering.

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