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listr - Terminal task list

  •    Javascript

A task can return different values. If a task returns, it means the task was completed successfully. If a task throws an error, the task failed.A task can also be async by returning a Promise. If the promise resolves, the task completed successfully, if it rejects, the task failed.

ora - Elegant terminal spinner

  •    Javascript

Show your support for Ora by buying this excellent Node.js course.It will gracefully not do anything when there's no TTY or when in a CI.

cli-spinners - Spinners for use in the terminal

  •    Javascript

The list of spinners is just a JSON file and can be used wherever.You probably want to use one of these spinners through the ora module.


  •    CoffeeScript

Crossbrowser & lightweight way to check if user is looking at the page or interacting with it. (wrapper around HTML5 visibility api)

ng-idle - Responding to idle users in AngularJS applications.

  •    Javascript

Angular 2 Developers: This module is for Angular 1 only. Check out ng2-idle for the Angular 2 version. You may wish to detect idle users and respond, for example, to log them out so their sensitive data is protected, or taunt them, or whatever. I don't care.

idlize - Helper classes and methods for implementing the idle-until-urgent pattern

  •    Javascript

Helper classes and methods make it easier for developers to implement the idle-until-urgent pattern and leverage the requestIdleCallback() API. This library is a collection of helper methods and classes (not a single bundle). As such, each helper should be imported separately. All public helpers are released at the level of the project, so they can be imported by directly referencing the helper's .mjs file.

Idle.js - Javascript activity library for the browser. (away, idle, etc)

  •    Javascript

Polymer wrapper is available here. Tiny javascript library to report activity of user in the browser (away, idle, not looking at webpage, etc). that is independent of any other javascript libraries such as jquery.

angular-idle-preload - :soon: Angular Idle Preload for preloading async routes via @TipeIO

  •    TypeScript

Scheduling non-essential work yourself is very difficult to do. It’s impossible to figure out exactly how much frame time remains because after requestAnimationFrame callbacks execute there are style calculations, layout, paint, and other browser internals that need to run. A home-rolled solution can’t account for any of those. In order to be sure that a user isn’t interacting in some way you would also need to attach listeners to every kind of interaction event (scroll, touch, click), even if you don’t need them for functionality, just so that you can be absolutely sure that the user isn’t interacting. The browser, on the other hand, knows exactly how much time is available at the end of the frame, and if the user is interacting, and so through requestIdleCallback we gain an API that allows us to make use of any spare time in the most efficient way possible.

node-system-idle-time - Node module to get system-idle-time, fork with Linux support

  •    C++

A native node addon for obtaining system idle time in seconds.

jquery.idle - A dead simple jQuery plugin that executes a callback function if the user is idle.

  •    Javascript

A dead simple jQuery plugin that executes a callback function if the user is idle. Since this is a simple plugin, the usage is simple too.

activity-detector - Simple js module to detect when the user is really using your page

  •    Javascript

This module helps you detecting when the user becomes idle (does not interact with the page for some time) or active in your page. Initializes the activity detector in the given state. This method should only be used if you created the activity detector with the autoInit option false.

node-imapnotify - Execute scripts on new messages using IDLE imap command

  •    Javascript

Execute scripts on IMAP mailbox changes (new/deleted/updated messages) using IDLE. Since we load the config file with require(), we can get away with any nodejs module instead of just json. This allows us to be more flexible with the configuration.

idle.ts - A TypeScript library used to detect idle/active users.

  •    TypeScript

idle.ts is a small typescript / javascript lib that helps you indicate whether a user is active or idle. You can use this to get events about the user activitness, and create your own actions - log activity, sign idle users out, show warning modal, etc. The library also offers smart batching with optimal balance between accuracy and effiency. Use attached Jasmine file for testing.

ember-user-activity - Ember Addon for tracking user activity & idling

  •    Javascript

This addon provides services for detecting user activity & idling across the entire application. This service fires events from global window listeners. These listeners trigger on capture, meaning they are not affected by event cancellation.

react-simple-idle-monitor - Simple monitor of idle time for React

  •    Javascript

Changes state to idle when a certain timeout is reached. Changes back to active when user interaction is detected. Optionally triggers various possible actions when the idle state changes. When it has either or both of the activeClassName or idleClassName properties set, IdleMonitor will enclose its children with a <div> with its className property set to the corresponding value. If none of the properties is set, the children will be rendered without any enclosing <div>. In such a case it makes little sense for IdleMonitor to have children thus it can be a self-closing tag: <IdleMonitor {...} />.

nanoscheduler - Schedule work to be completed when the user agent is idle.

  •    Javascript

Schedule work to be completed when the user agent is idle. Weighs 270 bytes compressed. Just like with window.requestAnimationFrame, it's much more efficient to share a single instance than to call it for each piece of work. There's a significant overhead when scheduling small amounts of work. This package allows sharing a scheduler as a singleton, which makes it particularly useful to be shared between multiple applications.

on-idle - 😴 - Detect when the browser is idle

  •    Javascript

Safely detect when the browser is idle. Does nothing when run in Node. Call a function when the browser has spare time. Calls it on the next frame if window.requestIdleCallback is not available. Does nothing in Node.

react-cli-spinners2 - CLI Spinners for your React app

  •    Javascript

The result will be plain text which updates at some interval with no wrapping elements. For many of the spinners you'll want to apply your own monospace font.

custom-idle-queue - Optimize the performance of important tasks by delaying background-tasks

  •    Javascript

This is a npm-module that lets you optimize the performance of important tasks by delaying background-tasks. It works a bit like requestIdleCallback but instead of fetching idle-time of the CPU, you can use this for any given limited ressource. In this example we define database-requests as limited ressource. We create an idleQueue arround all calls to the ressource to ensure our importantTask is as fast as possible and the backgroundTask only runs when no importantTask is using the database.

away - monitor when a user is inactive on a page

  •    Javascript

away() returns a Timer object which exposes the following methods. Call fn when user becomes idle.

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