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IdentityServer4.Contrib.MongoDB - MongoDB persistence layer for IdentityServer4

  •    CSharp

MongoDB persistence layer for IdentityServer4 based on the Official EntityFramework persistence layer.

IdentityServer4.Admin - IdentityServer4 Admin Tool

  •    CSS

IdentityAdmin is a tool for developers and/or administrators to manage the clients and scopes of their applications. This includes creating clients/scopes, editing client/scopes and deleting clients/scopes.

servicestack-authentication-identityserver - A plugin for ServiceStack and IdentityServer that provides OpenIDConnect / OAuth 2

  •    CSharp

A plugin for ServiceStack and IdentityServer that provides OpenIDConnect / OAuth 2.0 Single Sign-On Authentication for a Client that consumes other services (e.g. in a microservices-based environment). This enables a client servicestack instance to be redirected to an IdentityServer instance when they attempt to access a secure service without the necessary credentials. The user is required to provide credentials to the IdentityServer instance such that on succesful authenticated, the user is redirected back to the servicestack instance which can authorize the user to access the secure service based on claims-based credentials provided by IdentityServer.


  •    CSharp

To be able to test locally change "ReturnVerifyTokenForTesting : true" on appsettings.json it will returns us verify_token on response, however in production it should be false and you should implement real SMS service.

IdentityServer4.LdapExtension - IdentityServer4 Ldap Extension (OpenLdap or ActiveDirectory)

  •    CSharp

IdentityServer4 Ldap Extension (OpenLdap or ActiveDirectory). An easy extension method have been created in order to add the LDAP as a provider to your IdentityServer. For this you simply have to use the AddLdapUsers<TApplicationUser>(LdapConfigSection, StoreTypeOrCustomStore). The configuration has to be provided or it won't work. The configuration is described here.

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