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NTextCat is text classification utility. Primary target is language identification. So it helps you to recognize (identify) the language of text (or binary) snippet. Pure .net application (C#).

express-fingerprint - Server-side fingerprinting

  •    Javascript

Passive fingerprinting is browser fingerprinting based on characteristics observable in the contents of Web requests, without the use of any code executing on the client side. Passive fingerprinting would trivially include cookies (often unique identifiers sent in HTTP requests) and the set of HTTP request headers and the IP address and other network-level information. The User-Agent string, for example, is an HTTP request header that typically identifies the browser, renderer, version and operating system. For some populations, the user agent string and IP address will commonly uniquely identify a particular user's browser.

node-identif - :key: Helper class to verify one's identity via personal channels(SMS, Phone, E-Mail and more!)

  •    Javascript

Identif is an abstract helper class to easily implement the identity verification logic via personal channels like SMS, Phone, E-Mail, and more. This project follows the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct.

caffe-reid - A Discriminatively Learned CNN Embedding for Person Re-identification, TOMM 2018

  •    C++

A caffe-based implementation of this paper, providing whole training, testing and evaluation codes. The official code (written in matconvnet) is available here.