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ideabook - 一个全栈增长工程师的练手项目集. A Growth Engineering Idea in Action.

  •    HTML

English version is Ongoing, welcome to join us. 欢迎关注我的微信公众号(扫描下面的二维码或搜索 Phodal).

PHPBack - Open Source Feedback System

  •    PHP

PHPBack is a web application made with PHP/MySQL that you can easily implement into your website. It gives your customers a way to communicate their ideas to improve your products. User feedback has proved to be really efective even if you have a community project or a commercial project.

Mi Game Library


Ever wanted to store all the games you own into one place that you, could then later come see and search also with your own personal wish list!

YieldAwait : Await Events with "yield"

  •    DotNet

This is a .NET library that allows you to stop running the code wherever you want in order to await an event using the functionality of "yield" sentence. It's useful when you want to await asynchronous events or when you have to deal with many events in a sequential way.

masterplan - MasterPlan is a project management software / visual idea board software

  •    Go

MasterPlan is a customizeable graphical project management software for independent users or small teams. If you need to share plans across a whole company on an online platform, there are quite a few tools for that. However, if you want to keep track of your todo list, version control your project plan, make an ideaboard, and plan your project your way, MasterPlan is the tool for you. Note that this is the code repository and external issue tracker for MasterPlan; actual releases can be purchased from itch or Steam. You can also just build it yourself from this repository if you're familiar with Go.

intellij-haxe - Haxe plugin for IntelliJ Platform based IDEs (IDEA, Android-Studio)

  •    Java

This plugin allows you to develop Haxe programs with Intellij IDEA. It requires Intellij IDEA Ultimate or Community Edition, versions 14, 15, 2016, and 2017 through 2017.2.Support for this plugin is available through the project's home page: http://intellij-haxe.org, or the github issues list http://github.com/HaxeFoundation/intellij-haxe/issues.

make.go - A Go script that could replace your Makefile.

  •    Go

A Go script that could replace your Makefile.This script is meant to live in your project's root and used with go run make.go.

scio-idea-plugin - Scio IDEA plugin

  •    Scala

Scio plugin for IDEA, enables BigQuery macro support in IDEA.Due to issue SCL-8834 case classes generated by @BigQueryType.fromTable or @BigQueryType.fromQuery etc, are not recognized in IntelliJ IDEA. This plugin exists to mitigate this issue. Should SCL-8834 get fixed, this plugin should be obsolete.

IdeaMainMenuToggler - Main Menu visibility toggler for any IDE based on the IntelliJ Platform

  •    Kotlin

Form the main menu: View | Main Menu. Assign a shortcut in settings (find "Toggle Main Menu") and use it.

open-in-editor - NPM package to open a file in editor

  •    Javascript

NPM package to open a file in editor. You also can use any other editor that is able to open files from command line.

idea - :bulb: A lightweight CLI tool and module for keeping ideas in a safe place quick and easy.

  •    Javascript

A lightweight CLI tool and module for keeping ideas in a safe place quick and easy. Then, run idea --help and see what the CLI tool can do.

EnvFile - EnvFile 2

  •    Java

Env File is a plugin for JetBrains IDEs that allows you to set environment variables for your run configurations from one or multiple files. Please notice that EnvFile just received a major upgrade and was released as a new major version - v2.0. With the main goal of major update being support for more JetBrains platforms a lot of things changed, including UI, so please be sure to read the updated guide below, even if you already have used previous versions of EnvFile.

gyver - command-line inteface for people who need inspiration

  •    Javascript

Gyver is a command-line inteface for people who need inspiration when designing/developing in their terminal.

crafting-ideas - Platform to share and grow your ideas

  •    Javascript

Ideas can change the world. Although a lot of people put too much value into them. Ideas without implementation are nothing. Projects like Kickstarter do an amazing job at helping an idea grow up and become a thing. Some ideas don't need a kickstarter though. I want to create a Twitter, about.me like service that would allow users to showcase what ideas they have.

TeXiFy-IDEA - LaTeX support for the IntelliJ platform by JetBrains.

  •    Kotlin

LaTeX support for the IntelliJ Platform by JetBrains. No idea where to start? Have a look at the installation instructions. Otherwise, take a look at the tips instead.

laravel-whoops-editor - Laravel Whoops Editor helps to open your code editor from exception stack trace

  •    PHP

This feature was introduced in Laravel 5.5.25, but unfortunately has issues on Linux machines. Laravel Whoops Editor fixes PHPStorm, IDEA and SublimeText Linux support. Additionally allows you to open editor when using Homestead.

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