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ScratchABit - Easily retargetable and hackable interactive disassembler with IDAPython-compatible plugin API

  •    Python

ScratchABit is an interactive incremental disassembler with data/control flow analysis capabilities. ScratchABit is dedicated to the efforts of the OpenSource reverse engineering community (reverse engineering to produce OpenSource drivers/firmware for hardware not properly supported by vendors, for hardware and software interoperability, for security research). ScratchABit supports well-known in the community IDAPython API to write disassembly/extension modules.

ida-xtensa2 - IDAPython plugin for Tensilica Xtensa (as seen in ESP8266), version 2

  •    Python

This is a processor plugin for disassemblers which use IDAPython API, to support the Xtensa core found in Espressif ESP8266. It does not support other configurations of the Xtensa architecture, but that is probably (hopefully) easy to implement. Originally developed for IDA (https://github.com/themadinventor/ida-xtensa), this fork is used almost exclusively with ScratchABit open-source disassembler: https://github.com/pfalcon/ScratchABit . Copy the file to the plugins/cpu/ directory in your ScratchABit install.