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ScratchABit - Easily retargetable and hackable interactive disassembler with IDAPython-compatible plugin API

  •    Python

ScratchABit is an interactive incremental disassembler with data/control flow analysis capabilities. ScratchABit is dedicated to the efforts of the OpenSource reverse engineering community (reverse engineering to produce OpenSource drivers/firmware for hardware not properly supported by vendors, for hardware and software interoperability, for security research). ScratchABit supports well-known in the community IDAPython API to write disassembly/extension modules.

Sark - IDAPython Made Easy

  •    Python

IDA Plugins & IDAPython Scripting Library. For documentation, see sark.rtfd.io.

binexport - An IDA Pro plugin for exporting disassemblies into BinNavi databases and to Protocol Buffers

  •    C++

Copyright 2011-2017 Google Inc.Disclaimer: This is not an official Google product (experimental or otherwise), it is just code that happens to be owned by Google.

idaidle - A plugin for the commercial IDA Pro disassembler that warns users if they leave their instance idling for too long

  •    CMake

Copyright 2016-2017 Google Inc.Disclaimer: This is not an official Google product (experimental or otherwise), it is just code that happens to be owned by Google.


  •    Python

Used to grab full-resolution images of IDA graphs. Released under MIT license.

exports-plus - IDA Pro plugin to view Exports

  •    Python

IDA Pro plugin to view Exports. The problem is that IDA for some reason sometimes does not show certain names in Exports or does not demangle them. This plugin fixes this problem.

functions-plus - IDA Pro plugin to make functions tree view

  •    Python

IDA Pro plugin to make functions tree view. Plugin parses function names and groups them by namespaces. Currently does not support search, is not possible to sort, no context menu.

hrdev - Hex-Rays Decompiler Enhanced View

  •    Python

This is an IDA Pro Python plugin to make Hex-Rays Decompiler output bit more attractive. HRDEV plugin retrieves standard decompiler output, parses it with Python Clang bindings and puts back. The only requirement is Clang Python binding. See https://pypi.python.org/pypi/clang. Clang binding is required to parse decompiler output and produce plugin output.

ida_pdb_loader - IDA PDB Loader

  •    Python

This is a simple IDA plugin to load PDB symbols. The problem is that sometimes IDA crashes for me when trying to load symbols, so I came up with this quick and dirty alternative. This plugin relies on Python pdbparse module (https://github.com/moyix/pdbparse), and I have it included in plugin, because I had to do minor modifications to code.

idajava - Java integration for Hex-Rays IDA Pro

  •    Java

IdaJava is a plugin for IDA Pro that allows to write IDA plugins in Java. In other words: IdaJava is to Java like IDAPython is to Python... The plugin creates an in-process Java VM and looks for JAR files in IDA's plugins directory. Each Java based plugin gets their own menu item in Edit|Plugins. NOTE (2017): This is old code that will likely no longer work. It's mainly here for reference. I don't plan on making further changes.

JARVIS - "Just Another ReVersIng Suite" or whatever other bullshit you can think of

  •    Python

The auxiliary plugin jarvis_launcher.py registers a shortcut (Alt-J) which launches the actual plugin. JARVIS is written in PySide (Qt). It consists of a dockable Widget with several tabs, one for each different category.

Stingray - IDAPython plugin for finding function strings recursively

  •    Python

Stingray is an IDAPython plugin for finding function strings. The search is from the current position onwards in the current function. It can do it recursively also with configurable search depth. The results order is the natural order of strings in the BFS search graph. For each found string it displays the xref address, the string address, the string type and the of course the string itself.

polichombr - Collaborative malware analysis framework

  •    Python

This tool aim to provide a collaborative malware analysis framework. Scripts under the folder examples permits some basic actions for a Polichombr instance.

DBGHider - An IDA plugin aims to hide debugger from processes

  •    Python

DBGHider is an IDA Pro 7.x plugin written in Python. It aims to hide IDA Winddows debugger from processes. DBGHider uses two ways to hook functions: conditional breakpoint and inline hook.

idarop - ROP database plugin for IDA

  •    Python

Idarop is an IDA plugin which list and store all the ROP gadgets presents within the opened binary. The codebase is vastly copied from the unmaintained IDA plugin idaploiter. However idasploiter is built to work at runtime (lifting IDA debugger API), whereas idarop is aimed for a more static approach. Using IDA to view gadgets allows the user to take advantage of the "advanced" list filtering IDA provides : in the following picture, only gadgets having a 0xff opcode and less than 4 bytes are shown (and the ones touching esp are highlighted).