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icub-main - The iCub Main Software Repository

  •    C++

See COPYING and AUTHORS for licensing info, authors and copyright holders. The iCub manual contains more details about the structure of the repository and how the code is organized. The manual is available online at: http://wiki.icub.org/wiki/Manual and is the most up to date source of information.

icub-model-generator - Resources and programs to generated models (URDF, SDF) of the iCub robot

  •    C++

Resources and programs to generate models (URDF, SDF) of the iCub robot. The models automatically generated by the software and the resources in this repository are available at https://github.com/robotology/icub-models . Note: this repository is meant to streamline the process of producing iCub URDF/SDF models by iCub mantainers. It is not meant to be used directly by users of iCub. For offical info on the kinematic parameters of the iCub, please see the documentation in iCub's wiki.

wb-toolbox - Simulink Toolbox for rapid prototyping of Whole Body Robot Controllers

  •    C++

This toolbox allows non-programming experts and researchers approaching Whole Body Control to more easily develop controllers on either simulated or real YARP-based robotic platforms. Develop to deployment time is minimized by exploiting the rich variety of Simulink's toolboxes and its capabilities on rapid prototyping and visual debugging. Visit the WB-Toolbox Website for more informations.

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