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SuperTinyIcons - Under 1KB each! Super Tiny Icons are miniscule SVG versions of your favourite website and app logos

  •    HTML

The logos have a 512x512 viewbox, they will fit in a circle with radius 256. They will scale up and down to suit your needs. Bytes cost money. They cost money to store, transport, and process. Simplicity should be our goal in all endeavours.

simple-icons - SVG icons for popular brands

  •    HTML

Free SVG icons for popular brands. See them all on one page at SimpleIcons.org. Contributions, corrections & requests can be made on GitHub. Started by Dan Leech. Icons can be downloaded as SVGs directly from our website - simply click the icon you want, and the download should start automatically.

vue-unicons - 1000+ Pixel-perfect svg icons for your next project as Vue components

  •    Vue

A simple way to add the necessary icons and install them. Installing with npm is recommended and it works seamlessly with webpack.

Fork-Awesome - A fork of the iconic font and CSS toolkit (Font-Awesome 4.7)

  •    CSS

Fork Awesome is a full suite of 718 pictographic icons for easy scalable vector graphics on websites, originally created by Dave Gandy and now maintained by a community. Following concerns regarding the development of Font Awesome, the PR Freeze since Oct 2016 and the direction Fort Awesome is taking with the version 5.0 of their project, we are forking Font Awesome (4.7), in order to build on this incredible tool Dave Gandy has given us, while at the same time allowing this project to be run by a distributed community of contributors.

macos-folder-icons - đŸ“‚custom folder icons for macOS

  •    Javascript

A cli tool to create macOS style folders from SVG files. Creates .png and .icns files from SVGs. Tested with various icon types via svg-icon. create-mac-folder will attempt to make all SVGs compatible though there are limitations of what can be done. Most SVGs will work just fine (See examples below).

makeAppIcon - Generate an iconset for your iOS App with ease.

  •    Javascript

That take upload your base icon file and generate all the images that you need into the AppIcon.appiconset directory. Open XCode, open your Images.xcassets pane and delete the default AppIcon entry, now drag and drop the entire AppIcon.appiconset directory into that pane and you should be good to go! Build your app and you should see your new icon all over the place. If you get a message saying "this most likely means the gm/convert binaries can't be found", refer to Requirements.

minimal-icons - Minimal Icons


Minimal Icons is a free icon set, it works perfectly for your apps or web projects. You may use these icons for both commercial and personal projects.

react-native-ikon - simple, generic and flexible json-based icon-management

  •    Javascript

Simple, generic and flexible json-based icon-management. This library is NOT to be confused with specific Icon-support-libraries like react-native-vector-icons.

font-apex - Font APEX is an open source icon library from the Oracle APEX team.

  •    CSS

Font APEX is an icon library initially designed Oracle APEX and Universal Theme. It was originally intended as a replacement for Font Awesome 4, the web's leading icon library, and therefore contains almost all of the Font Awesome icons, re-drawn originally on a 16x16 grid as line-icons. We wanted to make it a seamless switch to go from Font Awesome to Font APEX, and therefore use the same "fa" prefix for the icons, making it easier than ever to move to entirely new icon library. Download and extract Font APEX, and then simply include a link to the Font APEX css file in your HTML header.

coreui-icons - Free icons

  •    CSS

An open source icon set with marks in SVG, webfont and raster formats. Ready-to-use fonts and stylesheets that work with your favorite frameworks.. Or, you can also clone or download this repository as zip.

icns - Easily create .icns files (Mac Icons) with this Go library or the included CLI app.

  •    Go

Easily convert .jpg and .png to .icns with the command line tool icnsify, or use the library to convert from any image.Image to .icns. With this library you can use pure Go to create icns files from any source image, given that you can decode it into an image.Image, without any heavyweight dependencies or subprocessing required. You can also use it to create icns files on windows and linux (thanks Go).

icon-collection - Azure & Microsoft SVG Icon Collection

  •    HTML

This is a collection of various technical icons, glyphs, logos and other imagery all in SVG format. The icons are mainly Azure related but there are various other brands and logos plus abstract/generic symbols. I do not attribute ownership to any of these icons & images. No copyright infringement is intended. All files have been sourced and scraped from the public internet and various Microsoft sites. They are collected here under fair use.

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