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icmptunnel - Transparently tunnel your IP traffic through ICMP echo and reply packets.

  •    C

Transparently tunnel your IP traffic through ICMP echo and reply packets.'icmptunnel' works by encapsulating your IP traffic in ICMP echo packets and sending them to your own proxy server. The proxy server decapsulates the packet and forwards the IP traffic. The incoming IP packets which are destined for the client are again encapsulated in ICMP reply packets and sent back to the client. The IP traffic is sent in the 'data' field of ICMP packets.

udp2raw-tunnel - A Tunnel which Turns UDP Traffic into Encrypted UDP/FakeTCP/ICMP Traffic by using Raw Socket,helps you Bypass UDP FireWalls(or Unstable UDP Environment)

  •    C++

A Tunnel which turns UDP Traffic into Encrypted FakeTCP/UDP/ICMP Traffic by using Raw Socket, helps you Bypass UDP FireWalls(or Unstable UDP Environment). It can defend Replay-Attack and supports Multiplexing. It also acts as a Connection Stabilizer. When used alone,udp2raw tunnels only UDP traffic. Nevertheless,if you used udp2raw + any UDP-based VPN together,you can tunnel any traffic(include TCP/UDP/ICMP),currently OpenVPN/L2TP/ShadowVPN and tinyfecVPN are confirmed to be supported.

NETworkManager - A powerful tool for managing networks and troubleshoot network problems!

  •    CSharp

Check the Issues if the issue/feature request has already been reported. If not, submit a new issue. Provide as many informations as you can. This software is published under the GNU General Public License v3.

fping - High performance ping tool

  •    C

fping is a program to send ICMP echo probes to network hosts, similar to ping, but much better performing when pinging multiple hosts. fping has a long long story: Roland Schemers did publish a first version of it in 1992 and it has established itself since then as a standard tool.

pingtop - 🏓Ping multiple servers and show results in a top-like terminal UI.

  •    Python

Ping multiple servers and show the result in a top like terminal UI. There is a dependency (blist <http://stutzbachenterprises.com/blist/>) not supporting Python3.9, so please pingtop can't support 3.9.

Adaptive Intelligence Open Source .NET Framework

  •    DotNet

This framework is the basis for all Adaptive Intelligence products and applications. This project consists of three libraries: A base class and API library in Managed C++, a general use library in C#, and a Windows Forms Controls library in C#.

blackbox_exporter - Blackbox prober exporter

  •    Go

The blackbox exporter allows blackbox probing of endpoints over HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, TCP and ICMP.Visiting http://localhost:9115/probe?target=google.com&module=http_2xx will return metrics for a HTTP probe against google.com. The probe_success metric indicates if the probe succeeded. Adding a debug=true parameter will return debug information for that probe.

PyExfil - A Python Package for Data Exfiltration

  •    Python

All requirements can be met with a pip install --user -r requirments.txt. After that the server is easy to execute. Notice that in some cases you might want to use py2exe before delivering the package to the code you want to operate. So recently we have decided to impliment some physical data exfiltration techniques assuming some networks might be airgapped from any internet connectivity. So this is the first one. It will encode a file in several QR codes, display them on the screen one by one and it comes with a decoder to recompile that into the file itself.

icmpmon - A simple ICMP monitor with web interface.

  •    Javascript

A simple ICMP monitor with web interface. Prebuilt files are in the Releases section.

go-ping - A simple ping library using ICMP echo requests.

  •    Go

A simple ICMP Echo implementation, based on golang.org/x/net/icmp. Simply fork and create a pull-request. We'll try to respond in a timely fashion.

cryptochat - Encrypted P2P chat over ICMP.

  •    Javascript

Encrypted P2P chat over ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol). I strongly advise you to pick a high-entropy encryption key to avoid the possibility of brute-force attacks.

pingtunnel - a tool that advertises udp traffic as icmp traffic for forwarding, similar to kcptun.

  •    Go

pingtunnel是把udp流量伪装成icmp流量进行转发的工具,类似于kcptun。用于突破网络封锁,或是绕过WIFI网络的登陆验证。可以与kcptun很方便的结合使用。 Pingtunnel is a tool that advertises udp traffic as icmp traffic for forwarding, similar to kcptun. Used to break through the network blockade, or to bypass the WIFI network login verification. Can be combined with kcptun very convenient.

ping_exporter - Prometheus exporter for ICMP echo requests using https://github.com/digineo/go-ping

  •    Go

This is a simple server that scrapes go-ping stats and exports them via HTTP for Prometheus consumption. The go-ping library is build and maintained by Digineo GmbH. For more information check the source code. Note: domains are resolved (regularly) to their corresponding A and AAAA records (IPv4 and IPv6). By default, ping_exporter uses the system resolver to translate domain names to IP addresses. You can override the resolver address by specifying the --dns.nameserver flag when starting the binary, e.g.

pexpo - :computer: Terminal sending ping tool written in Go.

  •    Go

pexpo is ping sending tui tool with cool clomun & logging loss-count in the multi platforms(Windows, Mac, Linux...). pexpo has tui engine is termbox-go, sending ICMP engine is go-fastping. So, pexpo's code is NATIVE The Go Programming Language application. This is inspired the pinger, Exping. And, This app use with root(sudo) privilege. Because using socket of icmp. if you install with brew, please make ping-list, for example, following text.

kping - Large Scale, High Performance flood ping.

  •    Go

Package kping implements large scale & high performance ICMP flood ping. It can send up to 1024 ICMP packets in one system call (sendmmsg), and provides two methods for receiving packets quickly: batch, afpacket.

ping - Golang native ICMP-based ping IPv4 and IPv6 library

  •    Go

For usage and examples see the Godoc. This project is licensed under MIT license. Please read the LICENSE file.

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