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icestudio - :snowflake: Visual editor for open FPGA boards

  •    Javascript

Visual editor for open FPGA boards. Built on top of the Icestorm project using Apio. Check the Documentation for more information.

icicle - 32-bit RISC-V system on chip for iCE40 FPGAs

  •    SystemVerilog

Icicle is a 32-bit RISC-V system on chip for iCE40 HX8K and iCE40 UP5K FPGAs. It can be built with the open-source Project IceStorm toolchain and currently targets the iCE40-HX8K breakout board, with experimental support for the UPduino board. The make stat target runs icebox_stat and the make time target prints the icetime report.

platform-lattice_ice40 - Lattice iCE40: development platform for PlatformIO

  •    Python

Lattice iCE40 are the first FPGAs fully usable by open source tools. Please navigate to documentation.

apio - :seedling: Open source ecosystem for open FPGA boards

  •    Python

Experimental open source micro-ecosystem for open FPGAs. Based on platformio. Apio is a multiplatform toolbox, with static pre-built packages, project configuration tools and easy commands to verify, synthesize, simulate and upload your verilog designs. Apio is used by Icestudio.

toolchain-icestorm - :seedling: Icestorm, Arachne-pnr and Yosys pre-built binaries: GNU/Linux(+ARM), Windows and Mac OS

  •    C

Static binaries of the Icestorm tools (yosys, arachne, icetools and icotools). Packaged for Apio and PlatformIO. Final packages will be deployed in the _packages/build_ARCH/ directories.