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mq-container - Container images for IBM® MQ

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Note: The master branch may be in an unstable or even broken state during development. To get a stable version, please use the correct branch for your MQ version, instead of the master branch. Run IBM® MQ in a container.

appmod-resorts - Transform your traditional on-premise application and deploy it as a containerized app on public or private cloud environments

  •    Java

In this code pattern, we will use Transformation Advisor to evaluate an on-premise traditional WebSphere application for deployment on public and/or private cloud environments. We'll use Transformation Advisor's integration with Microclimate to deploy the app in a Liberty container running on IBM Cloud Private. We'll also download the generated migration bundle and use its Helm chart to deploy the containerized app to IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service (public cloud). A sample web app is provided to demonstrate migration from on-premise to the cloud.

icp4d-customer-churn-classifier - Infuse AI into your application

  •    Jupyter

In this code pattern, we will create and deploy a customer churn prediction model using IBM Cloud Private for Data. First, we will load customer demographics and trading activity data into Db2 Warehouse. Next, we'll use a Jupyter notebook to visualize the data, build hypotheses for prediction, and then build, test, and save a prediction model. Finally, we will enable a web service and use the model from an app. The use case describes a stock trader company that can use churn prediction to target offers for at-risk customers. Once deployed, the model can be used for inference from an application using the REST API. A simple app is provided to demonstrate using the model from a Python app.

icp-rhel-install - Bash scripts to install IBM Cloud Private (ICP) community edition (ce) on RHEL

  •    Shell

A series of scripts to automate the installation of IBM Cloud Private-ce 2.1.0 on RHEL 7.4. This project does not lay down any infrastructure, and expects you to have the required machines provisioned prior to beginning.

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