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werf - Werf (previously known as dapp) helps to implement and support Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

  •    Go

Werf (previously known as Dapp) is made to implement and support Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD). Werf simplifies development of build scripts, reduces commit build time and automates deployment. It is designed to make engineer's work fast end efficient.

kics - Find security vulnerabilities, compliance issues, and infrastructure misconfigurations early in the development cycle of your infrastructure-as-code with KICS by Checkmarx

  •    Open

Find security vulnerabilities, compliance issues, and infrastructure misconfigurations early in the development cycle of your infrastructure-as-code with KICS by Checkmarx. KICS stands for Keeping Infrastructure as Code Secure, it is open source and is a must-have for any cloud native project.

tads-boilerplate - Terraform + Ansible + Docker Swarm boilerplate = DevOps on :fire::fire::fire: | Infrastructure as Code

  •    Shell

With T.A.D.S., you will be able to onboard a new developer on your project in less than 3 minutes, with just 3 commands! Even if you have a complex microservices architecture. Forget about your outdated wikis or installation procedures, they are no longer needed! See the example user README to get a preview of what your new procedures could look like.

terratag - Terratag is a CLI tool that enables users of Terraform to automatically create and maintain tags across their entire set of AWS, Azure, and GCP resources

  •    HCL

Terratag is brought to you with ❤️  by Let your team manage their own environment in AWS, Azure and Google. Governed by your policies and with complete visibility and cost management. Terratag is a CLI tool allowing for tags or labels to be applied across an entire set of Terraform files. Terratag will apply tags or labels to any AWS, GCP and Azure resources.

dapp - Утилита для реализации и сопровождения процессов CI/CD

  •    Ruby

Dapp — это утилита для реализации и сопровождения процессов CI/CD (Continuous Integration и Continuous Delivery). Предназначена для использования DevOps-специалистами в качестве связующего звена между кодом приложений (поддерживается Git), инфраструктурой, описанной кодом (Chef) и используемой PaaS (Kubernetes). При этом dapp спроектирована с мыслями о быстроте/эффективности работы, её предназначение — упростить DevOps-инженерам разработку кода для сборки, уменьшить время ожидания сборки по очередному коммиту, автоматизировать деплой. Версия >= 2.1.

yor - Extensible auto-tagger for your IaC files

  •    Go

Yor is an open-source tool that helps add informative and consistent tags across infrastructure-as-code frameworks such as Terraform, CloudFormation, and Serverless. Yor is built to run as a GitHub Action automatically adding consistent tagging logics to your IaC. Yor can also run as a pre-commit hook and a standalone CLI.

aws-serverless-data-lake-framework - Enterprise-grade, production-hardened, serverless data lake on AWS

  •    Python

The Serverless Data Lake Framework (SDLF) is a collection of reusable artifacts aimed at accelerating the delivery of enterprise data lakes on AWS, shortening the deployment time to production from several months to a few weeks. It can be used by AWS teams, partners and customers to implement the foundational structure of a data lake following best practices. A data lake gives your organization agility. It provides a repository where consumers can quickly find the data they need and use it in their business projects. However, building a data lake can be complex; there’s a lot to think about beyond the storage of files. For example, how do you catalog the data so you know what you’ve stored? What ingestion pipelines do you need? How do you manage data quality? How do you keep the code for your transformations under source control? How do you manage development, test and production environments? Building a solution that addresses these use cases can take many weeks and this time can be better spent innovating with data and achieving business goals. The SDLF is a collection of production-hardened, best practice templates which accelerate your data lake implementation journey on AWS, so that you can focus on use cases that generate value for business.

sixarm_mac_setup - SixArm.com » Mac » Setup notes for new Mac computer and macOS

  •    Shell

How to set up a new Mac computer? These notes show how our teams do it. These notes start with the basics, suitable for typical users.

sixarm_tmux_dotfiles - SixArm.com » tmux » dotfiles

  •    Shell

These are our tmux.conf dot files. You can read the files to see what they do. You can edit your own copy as you like.

maturity_models - Maturity models for IT, Agile, DevOps, TOGAF, Six Sigma, P3M3, etc.


A maturity model is a business tool used to assess people/culture, processes/structures, and objects/technology. We welcome examples of maturity models. If you know of a maturity model, please let us know by by creating a GitHub issue and/or a pull request.

oci-ansible-modules - Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Ansible Modules provide an easy way to create and provision resources and Services in OCI (such as Compute, Storage, Network, IAM, Load Balancing, Database, and other OCI services) through Ansible

  •    Python

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Ansible Modules provide an easy way to create and provision resources in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) through Ansible. These modules allow you to author Ansible playbooks that help you automate the provisioning and configuring of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services and resources, such as Compute, Load Balancing, Database, and other Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services. The OCI Ansible modules are built using the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Python SDK. The OCI Ansible modules honour the SDK configuration when available.

cd-maturity-model - Continuous Delivery Maturity Model - Gap Analysis Visualization Tool, using D3

  •    Javascript

A gap analysis visualization tool for the 'Continuous Delivery Maturity Model'. Based on model from the book, 'Continuous Delivery: Reliable Software Releases through Build, Test, and Deployment Automation', by Jez Humble and David Farley, available on Amazon. This JavaScript-based application displays a visual comparison, based on a radar graph, also known as a spider graph, of the six areas of practice of the CD Maturity Model, across multiple applications platforms, business units, or functional divisions within your SDLC.

terratag-action - A GitHub Action for Terratag - https://github.com/env0/terratag

  •    TypeScript

terraform must be installed and "init" run before terratag can run (see above usage example for a suggestion on how to do that in github actions).

aws-cdk-dynamodb-seeder - A simple CDK seeder for DynamoDB

  •    TypeScript

Using AWS CDK for automating infrastructure deployments is an amazing way of integrating the development and operations into one process and one codebase. However, building dev or test environments that come pre-populated with data can be tricky, especially when using Amazon DynamoDB.

terraformize - Apply\Destory Terraform modules via a simple REST API endpoint.

  •    Python

Apply\Destory Terraform modules via a simple REST API endpoint. The easiest way to change a default value is to pass the envvar key\value to the docker container with the -e cli arg but if you want you can also create a configuration file with the settings you wish (in whatever of the standard format you desire) & place it in the /www/config folder inside the container.

awesome-infrastructure-as-code - :up: Awesome List for Infrastructure as Code


Info: Green Build Status means there should be no Deadlinks in this List. You can find the Testfiles on travis-deadlink-scanner. This work by Maik Ellerbrock is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License and the underlying source code is licensed under the MIT license.

clin - Cli for Nakadi for event types and subscriptions management

  •    Python

Clin is a command-line utility to manage Nakadi resources from schema files in "Infrastructure as Code" style. Please refer to the documentation and examples.

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