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react-intl - Internationalize React apps

  •    Javascript

Internationalize React apps. This library provides React components and an API to format dates, numbers, and strings, including pluralization and handling translations.React Intl is part of FormatJS. It provides bindings to React via its components and API.

polyglot.js - Give your JavaScript the ability to speak many languages.

  •    Javascript

Polyglot.js is a tiny I18n helper library written in JavaScript, made to work both in the browser and in CommonJS environments (Node). It provides a simple solution for interpolation and pluralization, based off of Airbnb’s experience adding I18n functionality to its Backbone.js and Node apps. Polyglot has zero dependencies.I18n is incredibly important for us at Airbnb, as we have listings in 192 countries, and we translate our site into 30-odd different languages. We’re also hiring talented engineers to help us scale up to meet the challenges of buliding a global marketplace.

counterpart - A translation and localization library for Node.js and the browser.

  •    Javascript

A translation and localization library for Node.js and the browser. The project is inspired by Ruby's famous I18n gem. This function expects a key and options as arguments and translates, pluralizes and interpolates a given key using a given locale, scope, and fallback, as well as interpolation values.

react-translate-component - A component for React that utilizes the Counterpart module to provide multi-lingual/localized text content

  •    Javascript

Translate is a component for React that utilizes the Counterpart module and the Interpolate component to provide multi-lingual/localized text content. It allows switching locales without a page reload. Here is a quick-start tutorial to get you up and running with Translate. It's a step-by-step guide on how to build a simple app that uses the Translate component from scratch. We assume you have recent versions of Node.js and npm installed.

express-translate - Add simple translation support to Express

  •    Javascript

Adds translation support to Express by exposing a t() function to both the req object and your views (using res.locals). It will translate keys specified in an object mapping of key => translation string for the languages that you specify. String interpolation is supported and all malicious content is html-escaped by default.By default, the middleware will read the current locale from req.locale; you can alter this behavior by setting the localeKey option described below. A locale must be specified on the req object in order for express-translate to know which language it should translate the keys in. The locale must be the same as those languages added to express-translate with addLanguage().

grunt-angular-translate - Grunt tasks to extract translation with AngularJS and angular-translate

  •    Javascript

Translation should be provided in the created files. On the next run, grunt-angular-translate will not change keys already translated. It will only add keys that were added to the source and remove the ones that are not present anymore in the source.Install this grunt plugin next to your project. Require gruntJS.

elm-i18n - Localization for Elm apps as a pre-build phase with import and export between elm code and CSV/PO

  •    Elm

elm-i18n provides tools and a concept for localizing elm apps. The idea is to treat localized text as constants (or functions). To achieve this, localized content is placed in separate modules. Each language can consist of multiple modules, but each module contains only one language. The correct set of language modules is symlinked or copied into place before compiling the elm app. The result is a localized compiled version of your app. When repeating this process for multiple languages the compiler re-uses the cache and only the translation specific modules are cleared from the cache.

i18n-translate-json - npm module that automatically translates node-i18n JSON files

  •    Javascript

Automatically translates node-i18n JSON files into different languages via Google Translate API. You need a Google Translate API Key.

tr4n5l4te - Use Google Translate without an API key.

  •    Ruby

Use Google Translate without an API key. Like me, maybe you've found that Google makes it a pain to work with their API. Tr4n5l4te gets around all that.

civem.js - Custom HTML5 validation error messages

  •    Javascript

HTML5 form validation error messages are hard-coded to the browser. Civem.js lets you easily change them to whatever you wish. For translation or consistency with your server-side error messages. Civem.js does not depend on any library or framework, so you can use it without a doubt. At jsFiddle.

angular-phrase - Angular JS adapter for PhraseApp

  •    TypeScript

angular-phrase is an addon for angular-translate that lets you connect localized AngularJS applications to the PhraseApp In-Context Editor.


  •    TypeScript

This is a simple translate service solution for angular2. You should provide a dictionary and the service will translate it with sprintf interpolation.

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