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hyper - A terminal built on web technologies

  •    Javascript

Note: The version available on Homebrew Cask or Chocolatey may not be the latest. Please consider downloading it from here if that's the case.Regardless of the platform you are working on, you will need to have Yarn installed. If you have never installed Yarn before, you can find out how at: https://yarnpkg.com/en/docs/install.

awesome-hyper - 🖥 Delightful Hyper plugins, themes, and resources


A curated list of sweet Hyper packages, themes, and resources. Please read the contribution guidelines before contributing.

hyper-pokemon - 🌈 Tailor-made Pokémon themes for your Hyper terminal

  •    Javascript

All of the wonderful Pokémon backgrounds were created by the amazing Teej/TopHat, MapleRose & Ferretdayo.Do you enjoy this project? Maybe you love Star Wars, Yoda or Darth Vader? Then, you will also love our Hyper Star Wars theme project. Go have a peek.

hyper-snazzy - Elegant Hyper theme with bright colors

  •    Javascript

Add hyper-snazzy to the plugins list in your ~/.hyper.js config file and restart Hyper.To get the exact same look as in the screenshot, you need to use the Pure prompt, Menlo font, and the zsh-syntax-highlighting plugin to have commands highlighted.

hyperzsh - A hyperminimal zsh prompt

  •    Javascript

Hyperzsh is a oh-my-zsh shell theme that gives you a comprehensive overview of the branch you're working on and the status of your repository throughout the development process without cluttering your terminal. Add antigen bundle tylerreckart/hyperzsh to your .zshrc. Antigen will clone and load the hyperzsh repository automaticall the next time you start a zsh session.

hyper-star-wars - 🚀 Super awesome your Hyper terminal shall look

  •    Javascript

24 tailor-made, full fledged Star Wars themes for your Hyper terminal.All of the wonderful Star Wars backgrounds were created by the amazing Filipe de Carvalho and are part of his Star Wars - Long Shadow Flat Design Icons project. You can appreciate his project and the rest of his super awesome work on Behance.

hyperhue - :rainbow: A fun HyperTerm theme that responds to your Philips Hue lights

  •    Javascript

A special theme for HyperTerm that changes color based on your Philips Hue lights.Styled after the demo theme Hyperyellow.

hyperterm-working-directory - 🖥👷📂 Adds a default working directory setting

  •    Javascript

🖥👷📂 Adds a default working directory setting. Opens new tabs using that working directory.That's it. If config.workingDirectory is not set, a default value of $HOME will be used.

hyperterm-visor - Open your Hyper terminal from anywhere with a global hotkey.

  •    Javascript

Open your Hyper terminal from anywhere with a global hotkey.In your ~/.hyper.js, add hyperterm-visor to the list of plugins.

hyperterm-dark-macos - A theme for Hyperterm that pairs nicely with macOS dark mode

  •    Javascript

A theme for Hyperterm that pairs nicely with macOS dark mode. Most colors are taken from the smyck color scheme. Licensed under the MIT license.

hyperblue - A fancy hyper theme

  •    Javascript

Add hyperblue to the plugins list in your ~/.hyper.js config file.

hyperminimal - :zap: Hyper terminal extension to remove window header

  •    Javascript

Removes the window header from Hyper terminal for more space and less distraction. Add hyperminimal to plugins in ~/.hyper.js.

hyper-transparent-dynamic - dynamically set transparency and vibrancy for current background color

  •    Javascript

Dynamically set the backgroundColor with transparency and apply vibrancy. Compatible with any theme, pulls in existing value and adds alpha. Note: See example below, load hyper-transparent-dynamic after your theme plugin.

hyper-font-smoothing - Extension for subpixel-antialiased font smoothing in Hyper

  •    Javascript

Extension for subpixel-antialiased font smoothing in Hyper.

hyper-blink - Let Hyper's cursor blink.

  •    Javascript

A living cursor blinks. This plugin for Hyper makes its cursor blink.

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