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Api-platform - REST and GraphQL framework to build modern API-driven projects (server-side and client-side)

  •    Javascript

API Platform is a set of tools to build and consume web APIs. API Platform embraces open web standards (Swagger, JSON-LD, GraphQL, Hydra, HAL, JWT, OAuth, HTTP...) and the Linked Data movement. Your API will automatically expose structured data in Schema.org/JSON-LD. It means that your API Platform application is usable out of the box with technologies of the semantic web.

ketting - Ketting is a Hypermedia client for javascript

  •    Javascript

The Ketting library is an attempt at creating a 'generic' hypermedia client, it supports an opinionated set of modern features REST services might have. The library supports HAL, Web Linking (HTTP Link Header) and HTML5 links. It uses the Fetch API and is meant for client and server-side javascript.

hypergard - A JavaScript client for HAL APIs with support for forms

  •    Javascript

Allows you to pass an array of middleware function to wrap around each fetch. Middleware will be called based on order of array.

admin - A fancy and fully-featured administration interface builder written in ReactJS supporting APIs documented using Hydra (including all APIs built with API Platform)

  •    Javascript

API Platform Admin is a tool to automatically create a fancy (Material Design) and fully-featured administration interface for any API supporting the Hydra Core Vocabulary, including but not limited to all APIs created using the API Platform framework. The generated administration is a 100% standalone Single-Page-Application with no coupling to the server part, according to the API-first paradigm.

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