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hyperf - 🚀 A coroutine framework that focuses on hyperspeed and flexibility

  •    PHP

Hyperf is an extremely performant and flexible PHP CLI framework based on Swoole 4.5+, powered by the state-of-the-art coroutine server and a large number of battle-tested components. Aside from the decisive benchmark outmatching against PHP-FPM frameworks, Hyperf also distinct itself by its focus on flexibility and composability. Hyperf ships with an AOP-enabling dependency injector to ensure components and classes are pluggable and meta programmable. All of its core components strictly follow the PSR standards and thus can be used in other frameworks. Hyperf's architecture is built upon the combination of Coroutine, Dependency injection, Events, Annotation, AOP (aspect-oriented programming). Core components provided by Hyperf can be used out of the box in coroutine context. The set includes but not limited to: MySQL coroutine client, Redis coroutine client, WebSocket server and client, JSON RPC server and client, gRPC server and client, Zipkin/Jaeger (OpenTracing) client, Guzzle HTTP client, Elasticsearch client, Consul client, ETCD client, AMQP component, Apollo configuration center, Aliyun ACM, ETCD configuration center, Token bucket algorithm-based limiter, Universal connection pool, Circuit breaker, Swagger, Swoole Tracker, Snowflake, Simply Redis MQ, RabbitMQ, NSQ, Nats, Seconds level crontab, Custom Processes, etc. Be assured Hyperf is still a PHP framework. You will also find familiar packages such as Middleware, Event Manager, Coroutine optimized Eloquent ORM (And Model Cache!), Translation, Validation, View engine (Blade/Smarty/Twig/Plates/ThinkTemplate) and more at your command.

alarm-dog - 哮天犬是一个通用的统一告警平台,提供配置化、流程化、标准化的能力,支持多种告警通知渠道,支持告警收敛、过滤、升级、工作流、自动恢复等功能,实现统一输入、不同输出。可以对接Grafana、阿里云Arms、实时计算等监控能力,各业务也可以直接在代码中埋点上报告警,也可以定制化开发,实现监控告警全场景覆盖。https://tal-tech

  •    Shell


gotask - ⚡️ A lightning speed replacement for Swoole TaskWorker in Go

  •    PHP

GoTask spawns a go process as a Swoole sidecar and establishes a bi-directional IPC to offload heavy-duties to Go. Think of it as a Swoole Taskworker in Go. English documentation is not yet complete! Please see examples first.

hyperf-skeleton - 🛠 A skeleton of Hyperf framework that provided by official team

  •    PHP

This is a skeleton application using the Hyperf framework. This application is meant to be used as a starting place for those looking to get their feet wet with Hyperf Framework. Hyperf has some requirements for the system environment, it can only run under Linux and Mac environment, but due to the development of Docker virtualization technology, Docker for Windows can also be used as the running environment under Windows.

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