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go-plus - An Enhanced Go Experience For The Atom Editor

  •    Javascript

gocode (and a few other tools, like gotype) work on .a files (i.e. the package object archive), and the way to keep these up to date is to run go install periodically. This ensures your autocomplete suggestions are kept up to date without having to resort to gocode set autobuild true 🎉.We are open to suggestions for detecting a package which is built with gb; please feel free to submit a pull request that detects a gb package without any explicit configuration and runs it.

php-hyperclick - PHP hyperclick package for atom text editor, open your php files on the go

  •    PHP

This package is no longer maintained for we have Atom IDE PHP which has more features. Open the class files when you trigger ctrl + mouse left click.

SublimeHyperClick - Quickly and easily jump between your files

  •    Python

Quickly and easily jump between your files. The missing part of Go to definition functionality in Sublime. Most of the time when you are navigating and reading a code-base, you need to jump between required/imported (whatever jargon your programming language uses) files. Go to Definition functionality of Sublime, trying to be a generic solution, falls short for most languages since jumping between these required files needs some knowledge about how the language or package manager of the language is working.

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