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prettifier - Get started with prettier with just one command.

  •    Javascript

Get started with prettier with just one command.It is simple. Prettifier will get you setup with prettier in no sweat.

nodejs-project-example - Repository containing the bare bones tools I use in most Node

  •    Javascript

This project uses Jest, ESlint with the AirBnb standard, and Prettier for testing, linting, and formatting. To build this project, simply run yarn build.

bolt-starter - UNMAINTAINED - ⚡ Rapid starter for your next React Native project ⚡

  •    Javascript

There are many great starter projects for React Native. This one is used in production at Full Facing and comes with a logical setup to let you hit the ground running. It includes a basic todo application example. If everything goes off smoothly you should be able to run the project.