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time_ago_in_words - Humanize elapsed time from some Time instance to Time

  •    Ruby

If you are working in the opposite direction chronic natural language date parsing to the rescue. The Javascript version of chronic is date and can be used within your browser (client-side) or nodejs (server-side).


  •    TypeScript

Humanizer meets all your JavaScript needs for manipulating and displaying strings, dates, times, numbers and quantities. This is a port of the popular Humanizer library to JavaScript. For the most part you can just follow the documentation for Humanizer with little to no issue. See below for big differences. Name casing has been changed for JavaScript so all functions and properties start with lower case now, so instead of "Sentence casing".Transform(To.LowerCase) you use "Sentence casing".transform(Humanizer.To.LowerCase).

pawn-humanize - A human-friendly Pawn library

  •    PAWN

Pawn-humanize is a library inspired by go-humanize that makes stuff computers can read easily, more readable for humans.

go-humanizer - Go library to humanize your input

  •    Go

Humanize values to make them easier to read. Truncate string but never cut within a word.

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