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HumanizeDuration.js - 361000 becomes "6 minutes, 1 second"

  •    Javascript

This library is in maintenance mode. New languages and bug fixes will be added but no new features will be. If you're interested in helping out by taking over the project, please see this GitHub issue. This package is available as humanize-duration on npm and Bower. You can also include the JavaScript file in the browser.

node.inflection - A port of inflection-js to node.js module

  •    Javascript

inflection-js is a port of the functionality from Ruby on Rails' Active Support Inflection classes into Javascript. inflection is a port of inflection-js to node.js npm package. Instead of extending JavaScript native String object like inflection-js does, inflection separate the methods to a independent package to avoid unexpected behaviors. Note: This library uses Wiktionary as its reference.

parse-json - Parse JSON with more helpful errors

  •    Javascript

Prescribes how the value originally produced by parsing is transformed, before being returned. See JSON.parse docs for more.Filename displayed in the error message.

pretty-time-zsh - Convert seconds to a human readable string: 165392 → 1d 21h 56m 32s

  •    Shell

Install with npm or Antigen, clone this repo, or just download the pretty-time.zsh file.Add zgen load sindresorhus/pretty-time-zsh to your .zshrc and run zgen reset.

file-size - Lightweight filesize to human-readable / proportions w/o dependencies for node

  •    Javascript

File-size module for node.js for converting, manipulating, and handling file-sizes. Using filesize is very easy, a lot easier if you know the Specification Table. However, it's not required to know it, and in most cases you won't need it.

dehumanize-date - Parse dates in all the formats humans like to use.

  •    Javascript

A simple function which takes a string as an argument and returns a string in the form yyyy-mm-dd. The second parameter contains options. You can set whether to use US-style short dates, you can change what 'now' is for input like 'yesterday', and you can change the cutoff for 2-digit years that determines whether a given two-digit year is in the 21st or 20th century.

humanize-bytes - Command-line utilities to convert "MiB" etc to raw numbers, and back

  •    Go

Command-line utilities to convert "MiB" etc to raw numbers, and back

humanize-ms - transform humanize time to ms

  •    Javascript

transform humanize time to ms

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