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lwip - Light Weight Image Processor for NodeJS

  •    C

This module provides comprehensive, fast, and simple image processing and manipulation capabilities.There are no external runtime dependencies, which means you don't have to install anything else on your system.

Hue - :art: Hue is the all-in-one coloring utility that you'll ever need.

  •    Swift

Hue is the all-in-one coloring utility that you'll ever need. .alpha is a sugar for colorWithAlphaComponent, internally it does the exact same thing, think of it as a lipstick for your implementation.

coolhue - Coolest Gradient Hues and Swatches

  •    CSS

Coolest handpicked Gradient Hues and Swatches for your next super ⚡ amazing stuff. coolHue has 60 coolest Gradients. You can also personalize the coolHue Palette as per as your taste. CoolHue gradients palette is rendered by JSON which makes it very easy to make a subtle update anytime.

node-hue-api - Node.js Library for interacting with the Philips Hue Bridge and Lights

  •    Javascript

An API library for Node.js that interacts with the Philips Hue Bridge to control Philips Hue Light Bulbs and Philips Living Color Lamps. This library abstracts away the actual Philips Hue Bridge REST API and provides all of the features of the Phillips API and a number of useful functions to control the lights and bridge remotely.

zigbee2mqtt - Zigbee :honeybee: to MQTT bridge :bridge_at_night:, get rid of your proprietary Zigbee bridges :hammer:

  •    Javascript

Allows you to use your Zigbee devices without the vendors (Xiaomi/TRADFRI/Hue) bridge or gateway. It bridges events and allows you to control your Zigbee devices via MQTT. In this way you can integrate your Zigbee devices with whatever smart home infrastructure you are using.

context-blender - Photoshop-style blend modes for HTML Canvas Contexts

  •    Javascript

Adobe® Photoshop® has a variety of helpful blend modes for compositing images from multiple RGBA layers. This small library provides the same functionality for HTML Canvas Contexts, with the goal of producing the same results as Photoshop. This will also install node-canvas, which requires a working Cairo install. See https://github.com/Automattic/node-canvas#installation for more details.

ioBroker - Automate your life!

  •    Javascript

ioBroker is an integration platform for the Internet of Things, focused on Building Automation, Smart Metering, Ambient Assisted Living, Process Automation, Visualization and Data Logging. It like a software f.e. fhem, OpenHAB or the thing system. ioBroker is not just an application, it's more of a a concept, a database schema, and offers a very easy way for systems to interoperate. ioBroker defines some common rules for a pair of databases used to exchange data and publish events between different systems.

hue - Work with Philips Hue from Ruby

  •    Ruby

Work with Philips Hue light bulbs from Ruby. The first time you use it, it will automatically create a user for you. Doing this requires you to have pushed the button on your bridge in the last 30 seconds. If you haven't it will throw an exception and let you know you need to push the button. Simply press the button and run the command again.

huebot - Changes a Phillips Hue light's color and flashes based on GitHub's status

  •    Ruby

When GitHub's status changes, @githubstatus Tweets. We use that as an inbound web hook to tell the app to change the light's state. The app streams the account's Tweets, and uses GitHub's status API to grab the current site status any time it changes, and then makes a call to an undocumented Hue API to set the light accordingly. Folow these instructions to get your bridge ID and token.

node-philips-hue - Node.js library for Philips Hue bridge API

  •    Javascript

Node.js library for Philips Hue bridge API

hubot-philipshue - control your philips hue lights like a bauce

  •    CoffeeScript

This is a Hubot script package that will control your Philips Hue lights. Uses the node-hue-api NPM package to communicate with the hue bridge.

glsl-hsv2rgb - Fast GLSL conversion from HSV color to RGB

  •    C

Fast conversion from HSV color to RGB – published to npm for use with glslify, originally sourced from this post written by Sam Hocevar.All of the values should range between 0 and 1. Returns the calculated RGB value as a vec3.

glsl-lut - lookup table color transforms for glslify

  •    Javascript

Use a texture as a lookup table to apply color transforms in a shader. Original implementation from GPUImage, see here. For more details on the concept, see here.This is geared towards OpenGL ES, so no 3D textures are used, and the lookup table is 512x512 (using every 4th color).

kelvin-to-rgb - approximate an RGB color from a Kelvin temperature

  •    Javascript

Approximate an [r, g, b] color from a Kelvin temperature between 1,500 and 40,000.Details and original implementation by Tanner Helland, see here.

huejay - Philips Hue client for Node.js

  •    Javascript

Huejay is the most in-depth Node.js client for the Philips Hue home lighting system.Huejay was written for Node.js 4+.

hueadm - A command line management interface to Phillips hue

  •    Javascript

To get started you must find the IP address of the Hue bridge you would like to manage. If you know the IP address or the hostname of the bridge you would like to manage you can skip this step. On my network is the IP of the bridge I'll be controlling.

jshue - javascript library for philips hue

  •    Javascript

A simple JavaScript library for Philips Hue. Copyright 2013 - 2017, John Peloquin and the jsHue contributors.

postcss-color-mod-function - Modify colors using the color-mod() function in CSS

  •    Javascript

PostCSS color-mod() Function lets you modify colors using the color-mod() function in CSS, following the CSS Color Module Level 4 specification. The color-mod() function accepts rgb(), legacy comma-separated rgb(), rgba(), hsl(), legacy comma-separated hsl(), hsla(), hwb(), and color-mod() colors, as well as 3, 4, 6, and 8 digit hex colors, and named colors without the need for additional plugins.

hue.js - Node.js library for interacting with a Philips Hue bridge

  •    Javascript

This library aims to provide a simple interface to a Philips Hue bridge (http://www.meethue.com/). A Hue bridge requires your 'app' to register with the bridge. This process involves a user pressing the link button on the hue, and your app making a request to its API to complete the process.

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