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goproxy - Proxy is a high performance HTTP(S), websocket, TCP, UDP,Secure DNS, Socks5 proxy server implemented by golang

  •    Go

Pull Request is welcomed. First, you need to clone the project to your account, and then modify the code on the dev branch. Finally, Pull Request to dev branch of goproxy project, and contribute code for efficiency. PR needs to explain what changes have been made and why you change them. This page is the v6.0 manual, and the other version of the manual can be checked by the following link.

leproxy - https reverse proxy with automatic Letsencrypt usage for multiple hostnames/backends

  •    Go

Note that when @name backend is specified, connection to abstract unix socket is made in a manner compatible with some other implementations like uWSGI, that calculate addrlen including trailing zero byte despite documentation not requiring that. It won't work with other implementations that calculate addrlen differently (i.e. by taking into account only strlen(addr) like Go, or even UNIX_PATH_MAX).

letswicrypt - Prolog HTTPS Servers

  •    Prolog

Prolog is extremely well suited for writing web applications. This repository explains how to set up and run secure (HTTPS) web servers using SWI-Prolog with Let's Encrypt and other certificate authorities.

go-oryx-lib - The public multiple media library for https://github.com/ossrs/go-oryx.

  •    Go

This library is exported by server go-oryx. Remark: For library, please never use logger, use errors instead.

tracetrout - A magical reverse traceroute HTTP(S) server

  •    Go

TraceTrout is a HTTP(S) server that returns a reverse traceroute from the server to the client. It does this by piggybacking the established connection, modifying the outgoing TCP packets' TTL values while the server is sending the response. Figure 1: A dramatization of a rainbot trout swimming against the data stream.

slurm-https - A simple HTTPS API for Slurm

  •    Go

A simple HTTPS API for Slurm. By default, the server listen on :8443.