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armor - Uncomplicated, modern HTTP server

Most of the functionality is implemented via Plugin interface which makes writing a custom plugin super easy.

webhook - webhook is a lightweight configurable tool written in Go, that allows you to easily create HTTP endpoints (hooks) on your server, which you can use to execute configured commands

webhook is a lightweight configurable tool written in Go, that allows you to easily create HTTP endpoints (hooks) on your server, which you can use to execute configured commands. You can also pass data from the HTTP request (such as headers, payload or query variables) to your commands. webhook also allows you to specify rules which have to be satisfied in order for the hook to be triggered.For example, if you're using Github or Bitbucket, you can use webhook to set up a hook that runs a redeploy script for your project on your staging server, whenever you push changes to the master branch of your project.

sites-using-cloudflare - :broken_heart: Archived list of domains using Cloudflare DNS at the time of the CloudBleed announcement

This is an (archived) list of sites on Cloudflare DNS at the time of the CloudBleed HTTPS traffic leak announcement. Original vuln thread by Google Project Zero.This list is archived and no longer under active maintenance. It may contain stale or inaccurate data that will not be corrected. Do not link to it from press releases, it is not intended for end-users. If people want to find it, they can Google it.

Caddy - Fast, cross-platform HTTP/2 web server with automatic HTTPS

Caddy is a general-purpose HTTP/2 web server that serves HTTPS by default. Caddy is fast, easy to use, and makes you more productive.

artax - An async HTTP/1.1 client for Amp.

Artax is an asynchronous HTTP/1.1 client for Amp. Its API simplifies standards-compliant HTTP resource traversal and RESTful web service consumption without obscuring the underlying protocol. The library manually implements HTTP over TCP sockets; as such it has no dependency on ext/curl.This package can be installed as a Composer dependency.


htty is the HTTP TTY, a console application for interacting with web servers.

Advanced Data Server

Advanced Data Server (ADS) is a library that enables you to create powerful server applications with little code.

MungeTLS - inspect/modify TLS 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2 traffic

A minimal TLS server implementation with a plugin system for manipulating and monitoring every stage of the TLS handshake and application data.

HTTP Strict Transport Security IIS Module

A module for IIS which enables HTTP Strict Transport Security compliant with the HSTS Draft Specification (RFC 6797).


Command line client for Mozilla HTTP observatory service

azure-relay - ☁️ Azure Relay service issue tracking and samples

To learn more about Azure Relay, please visit our marketing page.See our Contribution Guidelines.

azure-relay-dotnet - ☁️ .NET Standard client library for Azure Relay Hybrid Connections

This library is built using .NET Standard 1.3. For more information on what platforms are supported see .NET Platforms Support.Azure Relay is one of the key capability pillars of the Azure Service Bus platform. The Relay’s new "Hybrid Connections" capability is a secure, open-protocol evolution based on HTTP and WebSockets. It supersedes the former, equally named "BizTalk Services" feature that was built on a proprietary protocol foundation. The integration of Hybrid Connections into Azure App Services will continue to function as-is.