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Custom Basic Authentication for IIS

  •    ASPNET

HTTP Module to allow HTTP Basic Authentication against non-Windows accounts in IIS

FileDenyModule - IIS7 module to lock download files


FileDenyModule - IIS7 module to lock download files by key and date.


  •    ASPNET

Secure your session cookie (and other session-based) cookies for replay attacks using this easy to use ASP.NET HttpModule.

Upload With Progress Bar (Manage Media)


Upload file up to any size in .net. Validate the file (size, type) before upload. Upload with progress (Size, Speed, Time, TotalSize,...) (without any flash and silverlight). Upload to temp file during upload (i inject the .net framework ;) ) Save with too many config. Si...

Url Rewrite.Net

  •    CSharp

Url Rewrite.Net is an open-source SEO project which contains Custom Http Module example and Custom Configrutaion Module.It is developed in C#.NET 2008. It's also useful for learning how to develop your own Http Module and Url Rewrite tool.


  •    ASPNET

Speed up any ASP.NET website without changing any code. Works on both Webforms and MVC


  •    Javascript

SAHM is the acronym for Simple Analytics HttpModule. It's my implementation of an httpmodule injecting web analytics code. Add the assembly in your asp.net Add a few lines in the main web.config file that's it !

Google Analytics Script Injector

  •    CSharp

.NET 2.0 HttpModule and Response filter that will read your Google Analytics (e.g. Urchin) account number from an ASP.NET config file and inject the appropriate javascript into every page on your ASP.NET site. Just drop the assembly into your /Bin directory and add a couple w...

SharePoint ImageCache (SPImageCache)


SPImageCache is a SharePoint 2010 image processing framework. It allows different image transformation based on its URL. This project was inspired by Drupal ImageCache module.


  •    ASPNET

Sholo.Web.Security contains several tools to improve the security of ASP.NET applications. Make FormsAuthentication stateful, strengthen FormsAuthTicket validation, detect & prevent Padding Oracle exploit, kick/ban users & IP's, detect multiple logins from different IP's, etc.

Dynamic Sharepoint Rebranding Module


This project is a (fully working) Dynamic Sharepoint Rebranding Module (DSRM). The idea is based on a HTTPModule that dynamically change the Master Page (and CSS) on the fly. This approach has several advantages but my initial requirements is that it should support: - Dynamic...

MbCompression - Complete compression library for ASP.NET

  •    ASPNET

MbCompression is a library of handlers and modules to compress Css files, JavaScript files, pages and compress WebResource.axd It is easy to implement and improve the overall performance of your web project.

MotionTracker - ASP.NET Web Analytics


MotionTracker is an ASP.NET application that tracks web analytic information for your website. It uses a configurable HttpModule that you can add to your ASP.NET application to begin tracking information. All of the data is stored in a SQL Server 2008 database.

ASP.NET 2.0 Unhandled Exception Module


ASP.NET 2.0 Unhandled Exception Module Installer A Visual Studio 2008 Solution, x86 and x64 installers to get exception details with stack trace in the event log instead of entries like "clr20r3; w3wp.exe; 6.0.3790.1830; 42435e74; system.data;; 4333a5ee; 230d; 2c; system

Block SharePoint Designer HttpModule

  •    ASPNET

Block SharePoint Designer access for an entire web application except for a designated Active Directory group. You can restrict SPD users of any permission level, including site collection owners and even the SharePoint service account! Two .wsp files add & deploy an HttpModule.

Client Blocker

  •    ASPNET

Client Blocker is a professional ASP.NET HttpModule to block single IPs or a range of IPs for clients to get access to a site.

Wicked Compression ASP.NET HTTP Module

  •    ASPNET

An ASP.NET HTTP Module for HTTP Compression. The primary reason for using this is if IIS Dynamic Compression is not supported in your environment. This HTTP Compression Module also supports WebResource.axd compression!

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