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faygo - Faygo is a fast and concise Go Web framework that can be used to develop high-performance web app(especially API) with fewer codes

  •    Go

Faygo is a fast and concise Go Web framework that can be used to develop high-performance web app(especially API) with fewer codes. Just define a struct handler, faygo will automatically bind/verify the request parameters and generate the online API doc.

roadrunner - High-performance PHP application server, load-balancer and process manager written in Golang

  •    Go

RoadRunner is an open source (MIT licensed), high-performance PHP application server, load balancer and process manager. It supports running as a service with the ability to extend its functionality on a per-project basis. RoadRunner includes PSR-7/PSR-17 compatible HTTP and HTTP/2 server and can be used to replace classic Nginx+FPM setup with much greater performance.

vulcain - Fast and idiomatic client-driven REST APIs.

  •    Go

Vulcain is a brand new protocol using HTTP/2 Server Push to create fast and idiomatic client-driven REST APIs. It supports hypermedia APIs but also any "legacy" API by documenting its relations using OpenAPI.

violetear - Go HTTP router

  •    Go

The router is capable off handle any kind or URI, static, dynamic or catchall and based on the HTTP request Method accept or discard the request.For example, suppose we have an API that exposes a service that allow to ping any IP address.

canoe - Front-end microservice pipeline platform

  •    Go

An app frame is an html file that contains canoe-fragment elements in places when canoe will render a fragment.The canoe-fragment tag is an html custom element that will be in charge of loading and managing the state of the fragment.


  •    CSharp

Lib.Web.Mvc is a library which contains some helper classes for ASP.NET MVC such as strongly typed jqGrid helper, attribute and helper providing support for HTTP/2 Server Push with Cache Digest, attribute and helpers providing support for Content Security Policy Level 2, FileResult providing support for Range Requests, action result and helper providing support for XSL transformation and more. Lib.Web.Mvc is available on NuGet.

http2-push-manifest - Generate a list of static resources for http2 push.

  •    Javascript

A utility script for doing http2 push and/or preload. Generates a list of local static resources used in your web app by outputting a json file. This file can be read by your web server to more easily construct the appropriate Link: <URL>; rel=preload; as=<TYPE> headers(s) for http2 push/preload.

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