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HTTPretty - HTTP client mocking tool for Python, it's like ruby's FakeWeb for python

  •    Python

Due to big API incompatibility between python 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5, the author of HTTPretty is not supporting python3 officially. You will notice that the travis build for python 3 might be broken, and while pull requests fixing py3 support are most welcome, it is still not official at least for now. Since you are interested in HTTPretty you should also be interested in speeding up your build. Replace pip with curdling and see your build running a lot faster.

node-mocks-http - Mock 'http' objects for testing Express routing functions

  •    Javascript

Mock 'http' objects for testing Express routing functions, but could be used for testing any Node.js web server applications that have code that requires mockups of the request and response objects. This project is available as a NPM package.

node-mocks - Suite of mocks for node.js (fs, http) + some testing utils...

  •    CoffeeScript

Set of mocks and utilities for easier unit testing with Node.js. See http://howtonode.org/testing-private-state-and-mocking-deps for better explanation.

webmockr - R library for stubbing and setting expectations on HTTP requests

  •    R

R library for stubbing and setting expectations on HTTP requests. The very very short version is: webmockr helps you stub HTTP requests so you don't have to repeat yourself.

ava-playback - 📼 🚀 Record and playback http requests from your ava tests

  •    TypeScript

Dealing with HTTP requests in the tests can be painful and what is more important error prone, since we have to stub everything by hand. There are few libraries to help with this situation, like node-nock. But their setup is something complicated (I didn't manage to setup node-nock to record requests and play them back) and they require a lot of manual steps to write single test. 📼 ava-playback is here to help. In record mode, when you write your test, you just allow your app to call real APIs and when you ready, you just switch from record to playback mode and it's done 🎉. In background ava-playback will record new requests and use already existing playbacks for the rest.

media - Simple client library for http mock testing

  •    Javascript

Simple Media Client Library for HTTP Mock Testing

yesno - Simple HTTP testing for NodeJS

  •    TypeScript

YesNo is an HTTP testing library for NodeJS that uses Mitm to intercept outgoing HTTP requests. YesNo provides a simple API to access, manipulate and record requests, using mocks or live services, so that you can easily define what requests should and should not be made by your app. Note: YesNo is still in beta! We're actively working toward our first major release, meaning the API is subject to change. Any and all feedback is appreciated.

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