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alice - Painless middleware chaining for Go

  •    Go

Alice provides a convenient way to chain your HTTP middleware functions and the app handler.None of the other middleware chaining solutions behaves exactly like Alice. Alice is as minimal as it gets: in essence, it's just a for loop that does the wrapping for you.

Negroni - Idiomatic HTTP Middleware for Golang

  •    Go

Negroni is an idiomatic approach to web middleware in Go. It is tiny, non-intrusive, and encourages use of net/http Handlers. If you like the idea of Martini, but you think it contains too much magic, then Negroni is a great fit. Negroni is not a framework. It is a middleware-focused library that is designed to work directly with net/http.

interpose - Minimalist net/http middleware for golang

  •    Go

Interpose is a minimalist net/http middleware framework for golang. It uses http.Handler as its core unit of functionality, minimizing complexity and maximizing inter-operability with other middleware frameworks.All that it does is manage middleware. It comes with nothing baked in. You bring your own router, etc. See below for some well-baked examples.

wrap - Go http.Hander based middleware stack with context sharing

  •    Go

Package wrap creates a fast and flexible middleware stack for http.Handlers.Import it via gopkg.in: import "gopkg.in/go-on/wrap.v2".

muxchain - Lightweight Middleware for net/http

  •    Go

MuxChain is a small package designed to complement net/http for specifying chains of handlers. With it, you can succinctly compose layers of middleware without introducing large dependencies or effectively defeating the type system.This specifies that all patterns matched should be handled by the logger, then gzip, then echo. Since we're chaining to the default MuxChain, we can just pass that to http.ListenAndServe. You can see a more complete example in the "sample" directory.

core - Pure handlers stack

  •    Go

Package core provides a pure handlers (or middlewares) stack so you can perform actions downstream, then filter and manipulate the response upstream.

rye - A tiny http middleware for Golang with added handlers for common needs.

  •    Go

A simple library to support http services. Currently, rye provides a middleware handler which can be used to chain http handlers together while providing statsd metrics for use with DataDog or other logging aggregators. In addition, rye comes with various pre-built middleware handlers for enabling functionality such as CORS and rate/CIDR limiting.In order to use rye, you should vendor it and the statsd client within your project.

go-http-metrics - Go net/http configurable handler to measure HTTP requests independent of metrics backend (with Prometheus and OpenCensus as backend implementations)

  •    Go

go-http-metrics knows how to measure http metrics in different metric formats, it comes with a middleware that will measure metrics of a Go net/http handler. The metrics measured are based on RED and/or Four golden signals, follow standards and try to be measured in a efficient way. If you are using a framework that isn't directly compatible with go's http.Handler interface from the std library, do not worry, there are multiple helpers available to get middlewares fo the most used http Go frameworks. If there isn't you can open an issue or a PR.

go-workshops - Go language basic workshops for devz

  •    Go

This repository contains files needed for managing Go language workshop - it's some kind of quite complete walk-through of Go language. Feel free to look on the code, there are many comments which could be useful for beginners and semi-intermediate Go developers. You can install golang and docker using your preferred way i.e. your OS package manager (brew, pacman, apt, snap or other) or you can simply follow installation instruction on go and docker sites.

adonis-middleware - List of official middleware for adonis framework

  •    Javascript

Adonis frameworks ships with a bunch of middleware for commonly required tasks. AdonisJS is build on the top of ES2015, which makes the code more enjoyable and cleaner to read. It doesn't make use of any transpiler and depends upon Core V8 implemented features.

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