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rye - A tiny http middleware for Golang with added handlers for common needs.

  •    Go

A simple library to support http services. Currently, rye provides a middleware handler which can be used to chain http handlers together while providing statsd metrics for use with DataDog or other logging aggregators. In addition, rye comes with various pre-built middleware handlers for enabling functionality such as CORS and rate/CIDR limiting.In order to use rye, you should vendor it and the statsd client within your project.


  •    F#

Alternative routing API for Giraffe web applications which is aimed at maximum performance. The Giraffe.TokenRouter module adds alternative HttpHandler functions to route incoming HTTP requests through a basic Radix Tree. Several routing handlers (e.g.: routef and subRoute) have been overridden in such a way that path matching and value parsing are significantly faster than using the basic choose function.

handlers - Go's HTTP handlers I use in my projects

  •    Go

For examples on how to use these handlers, please refer to the Go documentation linked at the top.

http - An opinionated framework for scalable web 🌎

  •    Crystal

An opinionated framework for scalable web. Onyx::HTTP is an opinionated HTTP framework for Crystal language. It features DSL and modules to build modern, scalabale web applications with first-class support for websockets.

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