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geheimtur - a secret door to your Pedestal application

  •    Clojure

a Clojure library that allows you to secure your Pedestal applications with minimum efforts. I do know that there is a great friend library out there, but I had some problems making it work with a Pedestal application and do that the way I wanted, so I decided to implement something that does (hopefully) some good work securing Pedestal applications as easily (hopefully) as friend does with Ring applications.

zend-expressive-authentication-basic - HTTP Basic Authentication adapter for zend-expressive-authentication

  •    PHP

This library provides an HTTP Basic authentication adapter for zend-expressive-authentication, and thus PSR-7 middleware applications. You may also browse the documentation online.

http-basic-auth-guard - HTTP Basic Auth Guard for Lumen 5.x

  •    PHP

HTTP Basic Auth Guard is a Lumen Package that lets you use basic as your driver for the authentication guard in your application. The Guard brings back the missing stateless HTTP Basic Authentication possibilities for Lumen 5.2.

ansible-role-htpasswd - Ansible Role - htpasswd

  •    Python

An Ansible Role that installs htpasswd and allows easy configuration of htpasswd authentication files and credentials (used for HTTP basic authentication with webservers like Apache and Nginx) on Linux-based servers. None.