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HTMLHint - ⚙️ The Static Code Analysis Tool you need for your HTML

  •    Javascript

HTMLHint is a Static Code Analysis Tool for HTML, you can use it with IDE or in build system. Prerequisites: Node.js (>=6.14), npm version 3+.


  •    Javascript

If options is empty, task use standard options.

grunt-htmlhint - Validate html files with htmlhint.

  •    Javascript

Lint html files with htmlhint. In your project's Gruntfile, add a section named htmlhint to the data object passed into grunt.initConfig().

htmlhint-loader - A webpack loader for htmlhint

  •    Javascript

A path to a json file containing the set of htmlhint rules you would like applied to this project. By default all rules are turned off and it is up to you to enable them. The function is called with an array of messages direct for htmlhint and must return a string.

linter-htmlhint - Linter plugin for html, using htmlhint

  •    Javascript

A plugin for Linter providing an interface to HTMLHint. It will be used with files that have the syntax. The Linter package will be installed for you to provide an interface to this package. If you are using an alternative debugging interface that supports linter plugins simply disable Linter.

posthtml-hint - HTML HINT Plugin

  •    Javascript

See PostHTML Guidelines and contribution guide.

igcommit - Git pre-receive hook to check commits and code style

  •    Python

It is exhausting to edit files again and again to have a consistent style. This project provides a Git pre-receive hook to validate pushed commits on the Git server side. The hook avoids all issues by rejecting any commit not matching the rules to get in to the repository in the first place. The pre-receive hook runs some checks on commits on its own, and searches for programming language specific syntax checkers on the PATH of the server to check changed files with them. The process is pretty fast, because only the added and modified files on the pushed commits are passed to the syntax checkers, also in parallel. It wouldn't slow you down unless your commits are touching hundreds of files.