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howler.js - Javascript audio library for the modern web.

  •    Javascript

howler.js is an audio library for the modern web. It defaults to Web Audio API and falls back to HTML5 Audio. This makes working with audio in JavaScript easy and reliable across all platforms. Additional information, live demos and a user showcase are available at howlerjs.com.

howler.js - Javascript audio library for the modern web

  •    Javascript

howler.js is an audio library for the modern web. It defaults to Web Audio API and falls back to HTML5 Audio. This makes working with audio in JavaScript easy and reliable across all platforms.

clappr - :clapper: An extensible media player for the web.

  •    Javascript

Test it at cdn.clappr.io. You can re-use some vendors used internally, for instance you can use Kibo through Clappr.Vendor.Kibo.

Videojs - HTML5 & Flash video player

  •    Javascript

Video.js is a web video player built from the ground up for an HTML5 world. It supports HTML5 and Flash video, as well as YouTube and Vimeo (through plugins). It supports video playback on desktops and mobile devices. It is an extendable framework/library around the native video element. It unifies the native video API across browsers.

ion.sound - JavaScript plugin for playing sounds and music in browsers

  •    Javascript

JavaScript plugin for playing sounds on user actions and page events. Today websites are full of events (new mail, new chat-message, content update etc.). Often it is not enough to indicate this events only visually to get user attention. You need sounds! This library, made for playing small sounds, will help you with this task. Also, new version of Ion.Sound is capable to handle browser games audio. It has full control of loading, playing and removing audio files. And audio-sprites support of course.

waud - Web Audio Library

  •    Haxe

Web Audio Library with HTML5 audio fallback. Waud is a simple and powerful web audio library that allows you to go beyond HTML5's <audio> tag and easily take advantage of Web Audio API. It abstracts Web Audio API making it consistent and reliable across multiple platforms and browsers. It also falls back to HTML5 Audio on non-modern browsers where Web Audio API is not supported.

d3-audio-spectrum - Spectrum analysis demo using D3 and HTML5 audio

  •    Javascript

This is a spectrum analyzer demo that I did for fun using the HTML5 Web Audio API, dsp.js and d3.js. A frequency sweep mp3 is included for demo purposes but any audio file can be used.

rationalkeyboard - A browser app to demonstrate harmony in just intonation.

  •    Javascript

The Rational Keyboard is a browser app to play with harmony on the rational number line. Imagine a piano with infinitely many keys, one for each rational number, and the keys move around and resize based on what sounds good, using some really cool math. Audio is synthesized in background Web Workers and played with HTML5 Audio objects, and the interactive visualizations use a 2D HTML5 Canvas. Check out the source at github, or just grab the audio encoder for your own apps.

wavencoderjs - A fast cross-browser riff wave encoder for real-time audio synthesis in HTML5

  •    Javascript

WavEncoder is a fast cross-browser riff wave encoder for real-time audio synthesis in HTML5. Works in Web Workers and in the main window (in contrast to encoders using window.btoa). Dual licensed under the MIT or GPL Version 2 licenses.

jsrobowar - :space_invader: A port of RoboWar to the web browser using JavaScript and HTML5. (2010)

  •    Javascript

To see it in action, go to http://statico.github.com/jsrobowar/. I wrote JSRoboWar as a programming exercise. I'm not devoting a lot of time to developing it, but feel free to fork it and send me patches.

mkhplayer - HTML5 audio and video player jQuery plugin

  •    Javascript

You can check the demo site https://myokyawhtun.github.io/mkhplayer.

react-cassette-player - Simple ReactJS HTML5 audio player component built with SVG icons from The Noun Project

  •    Javascript

All props can be referenced in the demo source. Don't hesitate to ask questions. SVG icons used by react-cassette-player are licensed Creative Commons (CC BY 3.0) and must be purchased by the Noun Project. Otherwise, you must add the following attribution to your project.

html5-audio-driver - Pure HTML5 Audio Driver

  •    Javascript

mimeType is needed so the browser can decide what source is appropriated to use.

urmusic - An application to make your own music visualizer, easily and for free!

  •    Javascript

Urmusic is a fun browser app to create and share your own music visualizers, easily and for free, using the latest HTML5 features, such as canvas, Web Audio API, and MediaRecorder.

react-jPlayer - Html5 audio and video player library for React

  •    Javascript

A Html5 audio/video player that has been inspired by the jQuery plugin jPlayer but without the jQuery dependency. For playlist functionaility, see react-jPlaylist.

react-jPlaylist - Html5 audio and video playlist library for React that implements react-jPlayer

  •    Javascript

react-jPlaylist is an add-on to react-jPlayer that provides playlist functionality and components for you to use. The recommended way to use this package is through npm and webpack. However if you insist on including the .js and .css files manually then both the unminified and minified versions are available from the /dist/ folder. The dependencies of this package have been excluded for the UMD build so you will need to include them manually as shown in the react-jPlayer-example's UMDPlaylist.

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