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Html Agility Pack


This is an HTML parser that builds a read/write DOM from “real world” HTML files. It supports XPATH or XSLT and is tolerant with "real world" malformed HTML.



Improved HTML inspection for Fiddler.

HtmlTextWriter Utility

  •    DotNet

A small .NET 2.0 Windows application. Features: - Converts HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other types of web content to C# code, mainly for use in the Render method of web parts; - Set the name of the HtmlTextWriter instance; - Choose between HtmlTextWriter only code and StringBui...

MSP Toolkit


Some controls and utilites maded by MSP. Including: [TrialHelper| Trial Helper] IsolatedStorageHelper TileGeneratot Single-byte encodings (e.g. Windows1251)



Code Creates HTML Markup for XML files

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