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SCCM Client Actions Tool


SCCM Client Actions Tool or SCCM CAT is a HTA application for performing most common administrative tasks on System Center Configuration Manager 2007 clients. The tool allows running actions on one or more computers.

Nana Utilities

  •    Javascript

Nana Script Utilities are some tools written in ECMAScript(aka JavaScript), include some helper libraries and standalone tools which can help in Web and/or WSH, HTA development.

RecordLogon.vbs login script

  •    VBScript

RecordLogon.vbs is a script applied at logon via Group or Local policy. It records specific user and computer information and writes the data to a central repository for retrieval. The tool comes in two parts; the .VBS and the HTA search app.

System Information HTML Application


System Information HTML Application is an hta file that scan a system to retreive information about Hardware, OS and System components.

morphHTA - morphHTA - Morphing Cobalt Strike's evil.HTA

  •    Python

As usual, this code and tool should not be used for malicious purposes. Written by Vincent Yiu of MDSec Consulting's ActiveBreach team. Modification of code is allowed with credits to author.