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Easily add additional query string parameters to HTML anchor elements.

electron-serve - Static file serving for Electron apps

Normally you would just use win.loadURL('file://…'), but that doesn't work when you're making a single-page web app, which most Electron apps are today, as history.pushState()'ed URLs don't exist on disk. It serves files if they exist, and falls back to index.html if not, which means you can use router modules like react-router, vue-router, etc.The directory to serve, relative to the app root directory.

react-router-util - Useful components and utilities for working with React Router

A history singleton that you can use in <Router history={history}> to access the history from outside the router. Can be useful for programmatically navigating to a route when used in combination with non-React code, like Electron IPC events, etc.Same as the official <BrowserRouter>, but with history={history} set to the above history singleton, so you can just import the singleton to access the router history object from outside the router.

postcss-pseudo-class-any-link - Use the :any-link pseudo-class in CSS

:any-link lets you to use the proposed :any-link pseudo-class in CSS. :any-link simplifies selectors targeting links, as the naming of :link is misleading; it specifically means unvisited links only, rather than all links.

history-events - Adds missing window.history events onpushstate, onreplacestate and onchangestate.

Adds missing window.history events onpushstate, onreplacestate and onchangestate. This module patches browser's window.history object and adds support for additional history events. You can use this module in a polymorphic applications (it only loads if inside a browser and does not raise an error on server side).

react-github-corner - Add a Github banner to your project page

and the style attribute will be rendered (which will hide the element). Copyright (c) 2015 skratchdot Licensed under the MIT license.

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