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WaypointHR - Human Resource Database

  •    PHP

WaypointHR is a human resource database, providing organizations with a free, immediate and flexible Human Resource Management System (HRIS). It helps to store Employee personal details and emergency contact information, absence history, Employment, contract, job and salary details, Tracking employee performance and much more.

OrangeHRM - Human Resource Management Software

  •    PHP

OrangeHRM offers a complete suite of human capital management / human resource management tools. This includes employee information management, employee absence management / employee holiday management or employee leave management, recruitment management, employee performance evaluation and many other HR management tools.

Ever Gauzy - Business Management Platform (ERP / CRM / HRM)

  •    Typescript

Ever Gauzy - Open-Source Business Management Platform for On-Demand and Sharing Economies. The platform includes Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and Human Resource Management (HRM) software with employee Time and Activity Tracking functionality.

SimpleHRM - Human Resource Management Solution for SME

  •    PHP

SimpleHRM is an open source human resource management solution for SMEs. It provides an easy to use, intuitive interface for HR departments, with many features including Employee management, Leave management, Employee benefits, File and Document Management, Employee performance management, Generate reports etc.

wp-erp - An open-source ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution for WordPress

  •    PHP

An open-source ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution for WordPress


  •    LINQ

GotWell HRMS is a web-based open source human resource management system. It includes modules like Basis, Personnel, Attendance, Payroll, Leave, Overtime, Training, Recruitment, Authorization and so on. It's developed in C#, MVC, EXTJS, Linq and MS SQL 2005.

Simple Recruitment solution for SharePoint 2010


Our Recruitment solution for SharePoint 2010 helps track open positions, candidates, and automate recruitment processes. Users can easily customize recruitment workflows right from the app without any advanced skills.

Personal Oganization Management Project


A personal organization management project. This alpha test project is an attempt to develop a C# based application to be used to help a person stay organized.

jorani - Leave and Overtime Management System

  •    PHP

Jorani is a Leave Management System developed in PHP/MySQL under an AGPL v3 licence. Jorani is designed to provide simple leave and overtime request workflows for small organizations. This project is stable and ready for production. An online demo is available here : https://demo.jorani.org/ Use bbalet / bbalet for login / password.

github-user-rank-extension - Your Github fame is getting closer with every open-source project you've built and promoted, with every new follower starring, using and forking your solution

  •    TypeScript

Install GitHub User Rank extension from Chrome Web Store or Mozilla Add-ons Store. Yet another small content script, based on gitlance.net data, it adds rankings straight to GitHub user profiles so you don't have to go anywhere anymore.

handbook - A Collaborative Handbook for Staff and Our Community


But we know, after having built a few companies previously, that the consistent effort is 💯 worth it in the short and long-run. And by also making these documents open to the public and by encouraging our own team to collaborate on it allows us the opportunity and chance to minimize bias and exclusionary behavior while modeling our beliefs publicly in a way that will benefit everyone. Consequently, this WIP ("Work in Progress") repository will contain most (but certaintly not all) of the current organizational policies that we use at Pinpoint. It's not perfect just as the founders of Pinpoint are not perfect. Rather, we want it to be an open dialogue and representation of who we are today and who we want to be in the future. It's the starting block rather than the finish line.

awesome-culture - A curated list of awesome thought on tech culture


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