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react-hot-loader - Tweak React components in real time.

  •    Javascript

Watch Dan Abramov's talk on Hot Reloading with Time Travel. Note: You can safely install react-hot-loader as a regular dependency instead of a dev dependency as it automatically ensures it is not executed in production and the footprint is minimal.

landscape - Static Cloud Native Landscapes and Interactive Landscape that filters and sorts hundreds of cloud native projects and products, and shows details including GitHub stars, funding or market cap, first and last commits, contributor counts, headquarters location, and recent tweets

  •    Javascript

The CNCF Cloud Native Landscape Project is intended as a map through the previously uncharted terrain of cloud native technologies. This attempts to categorize most of the projects and product offerings in the cloud native space. There are many routes to deploying a cloud native application, with CNCF Projects representing a particularly well-traveled path. It has been built in collaboration with Redpoint Ventures and Amplify Partners. The Cloud Native Trail Map provides an overview for enterprises starting their cloud native journey.


  •    Javascript

Production-ready, one-click deployable boilerplate for React, Webpack, Flask and PostgreSQL. You'll neel a little more than one click.

redux-side-effects - Redux toolset for keeping all the side effects inside your reducers while maintaining their purity

  •    Javascript

What if your reducers were generators? You could yield side effects and return application state. Believe it or not, but side effects are still tied with your application's domain. Ideally, you would be able to keep them in reducers. But wait! Everybody is saying that reducers must be pure! So yeah, just keep the reducer pure and reduce side effects as well.

react-svg-icon-live-generator - Live SVG Icon React Component generator website

  •    Javascript

The minimal dev environment to enable live-editing React components. Now edit src/App.js. Your changes will appear without reloading the browser like in this video.

react-boilerplatinum - A React scaffold focused in developer experience

  •    HTML

A React scaffold focused in developer experience. The premise of this React scaffolding is provide the best development experience but also with the best production tips.

svr - HTTP development server done right

  •    CSS

It's similar micro-dev, but out of the box for any framework that use http.Server.listen() interface. svr is assuming you have a main file declared in your package.json in the project directory.

vue-jsx-hot-loader - Webpack loader for Vue.js v2 components with JSX render functions

  •    Javascript

This loader will enable Hot Module Replacement for Webpack when using Vue's JSX render functions. NOTE: This plugin is still an experiment.


  •    Javascript

The following creates a new build.js file under the hosted-dir directory.

react-redux-universal-boilerplate - An Universal ReactJS/Redux Boilerplate

  •    Javascript

I started this project to learn tools like React, Redux, Webpack, babeljs.io, ES6/ES2015... I did it mainly for fun. But it will be maintained and then I used it as Boilerplate for my React|Redux projects. So don't worry it works :p. It's not perfect but it works :). An Universal ReactJS/Redux Boilerplate.

react-router-animation-examples - An example using React Router and React's Animations

  •    Javascript

This project is just an example using React Router and React's Animations in a mobile context. So reduce your screen size. In this example I only use react-router but in my opinion we can't only use the router to navigate from one screen to the other. Because obviously the route will change and you'll lose the previous displayed screen. This is not always the wanted effect in a mobile application. Maybe we could combine the router with the pushing and popping techniques like React Native's Navigation or native mobile apps.

status-js-desktop - A Status client reference implementation using status-js

  •    Javascript

Electron application boilerplate based on React, React Router, Webpack, React Hot Loader for rapid application development

filterable-landscape - Interactive version of the Cloud Native Landscape

  •    Javascript

This is a CNCF project to provide an interactive version of the static landscape from https://github.com/cncf/landscape#current-version. The build server enhances the source data with the fetched data and saves the result in processed_landscape.yml and as a JSON file, which is what the app loads to display data.

tiny-universal-skeleton - Alternative approach to HMR for both server with SSR and client in development

  •    Javascript

Main problem: sync server middlewares with client and don't lose power of webpack-(dev|hot)-middleware. Your server has middleware that checks is a user logged in and use this info later for SSR.

ipfs-drive - in browser file manager for IPFS

  •    Javascript

A static, serverless web app to manage files and folders in IPFS. Works on any existing IPFS folder.