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google-hosts - Google hosts generator

  •    Shell

This project provides some tools to help you find google IP.

SwitchHosts - Switch hosts quickly!

  •    CSS

SwitchHosts! is an App for managing hosts file, it is based on Electron, React, and Ant Design, CodeMirror, etc. Thanks to @gobinathm and @iamybj for updating the brew cask version.

WindowsSpyBlocker - 🛡 Block spying and tracking on Windows

  •    Go

WindowsSpyBlocker 🛡 is an application written in Go and delivered as a single executable to block spying and tracking on Windows systems ⛔️. The initial approach of this application is to capture and analyze network traffic 🚦 based on a set of tools. It is open for everyone and if you want to contribute or need help, take a look at the Wiki 📖. For more info, take a look at Wiki.

onlineConsultantBlocker - hosts-файл для блокировки онлайн-консультантов и виджетов обратного звонка


Самый простой способ избавиться от назойливых онлайн-консультантов — заблокировать доступ к ним на самом низком уровне, т.е. через host файл. И браузер не перегружается лишними расширениями и блокировка надёжная по всем фронтам. Если вы наткнулись на сайт, где установлен онлайн-консультант, не указанный в списке или не помеченный красным восклицательным знаком - напишите об этом, при написании сообщения добавьте упоминание меня (@pafnuty) для более быстрого реагирования. Либо вы можете самостоятельно отредактировать файл readme.md и отправить pull-request.

hostsman-portable - 🚀 Hostsman portable for Windows

  •    Go

MIT. See LICENSE for more details. Rocket icon credit to Squid Ink.

txeh - Go library and CLI utilty for /etc/hosts management.

  •    Go

It is easy to open your /etc/hosts file in text editor and add or remove entries. However, if you make heavy use of /etc/hosts for software development or DevOps purposes, it can sometimes be difficult to automate and validate large numbers of host entries. txeh was initially built as a golang library to support kubefwd, a Kubernetes port-forwarding utility utilizing /etc/hosts heavily, to associate custom hostnames with multiple local loopback IP addresses and remove these entries when it terminates.

hostsfile - go tool for working with /etc/hosts files

  •    Go

This library will help you manipulate your /etc/hosts file. A description of the API can be found at godoc. On Travis, you may want to create $HOME/bin and write to that, since /usr/local/bin isn't writable with their container-based infrastructure.

Badd-Boyz-Hosts - A hosts file for use on any operating system to block bad domains out of your servers or devices

  •    Python

A hosts file for use on any operating system to block bad domains out of your servers or devices. or send a PULL REQUEST on the domains.txt file in the PULL_REQUESTS folder.


  •    Python

The Ultimate hosts file for protecting your computer or device against over several hundred thousand bad web sites. Protect your children and family from gaining access to bad web sites and protect your devices and pc from being infected with Malware or Ransomware. A hosts file for use on any operating system to block bad domains out of your servers or devices. Information gathered from multiple sources and merged into one massive hosts file and updated every day.

blacklist - Curated and well-maintained host file to block ads, tracking and more! Frequently updated


A list of adserving and tracking sites maintained by me. This list will be updated frequently. You can request additional domains or report exsisting domains via Issues tab. This repo contains two files, CoinMiner.txt (no longer maintained) and adservers.txt. To block cryptojacking sites, add CoinMiner.txt to your host file or blocklist. To block ads and trackers, add adservers.txt to your host file or blocklist.

wally3k.github.io - Repo for Firebog hosting

  •    CSS

This content is for https://firebog.net as well as my Big Blocklist Collection. Run pihole -q -adlist blockeddomain.com, and it will return the URL of the block list, opposed to list.X.*.domains.

pihole-regex - Custom regex filter list for use with Pi-hole.


This is a custom regex.list file for use with Pi-hole v4+ (FTLDNS). All commands will need to be entered via Terminal (PuTTY or your SSH client of choice) after logging in.