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hostile - Simple, programmatic `/etc/hosts` manipulation (in node.js)

  •    Javascript

If you use OS X or Linux, this module assumes your hosts file is at /etc/hosts. On Windows, it assumes your hosts file is at C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosts.Commands that modify the hosts file require root privileges.

is-online - Check if the internet connection is up

  •    Javascript

Works in Node.js and the browser (with browserify/webpack).In the browser you have navigator.onLine, but it's useless as it only tells you if there's a local connection, and not whether the internet is accessible.

tld.js - JavaScript API to work easily with complex domain names, subdomains and well-known TLDs.

  •    Javascript

tld.js is a Node.js module written in JavaScript to work against complex domain names, subdomains and well-known TLDs. It answers with accuracy to questions like what is mail.google.com's domain?, what is a.b.ide.kyoto.jp's subdomain? and is https://big.data's TLD a well-known one?.

MMLanScan - An iOS LAN Network Scanner library

  •    Objective-C

MMLanScan is an open source project for iOS that helps you scan your network and shows the available devices and their MAC Address, hostname and Brand name. iOS 11 is breaking the MAC address retrieval from ARP table so MAC Addresses and Brands won't work on MMLanScan with iOS 11. We still using MacFinder since it's helpful in order to discover online devices that won't reply to pings.

IP-Finder - A Gnome extension that displays information about your public IP address (hostname, country, AS block etc)

  •    Javascript

IP Finder displays information about your public IP address (hostname, country, AS block etc) as well as show a map & flag image of the IP's geolocation this extension is also useful for informational purposes to monitor VPN geolocation and public network IP addresses.Flag Icons used in IP Finder's extension are courtesy of: gosquared, featuring thousands of high-quality flags, covering every country in the world.

canonical-host - Node module to redirect users to the canonical hostname for your site.

  •    Javascript

Redirect users to the canonical hostname for your site.Pass in the request, the response, 1 or more hostnames to accept, and optionally a statusCode to send with the redirect.

hosts - A command line tool for managing hosts file entries.

  •    Shell

A command line program for managing hosts file entries. When specified, all write operations that require sudo will automatically rerun the command using sudo when the current user does not have write permissions for the hosts file.

olodum - Simple proxy DNS server for local development

  •    Javascript

/etc/hosts made easy. You should be able to surf as usual, except for the filtered domain name(s). When you are finished, just type Ctrl + C to exit and revert to the previous and original DNS configuration of your box.

setup - Nodejs system setup

  •    Javascript

This will set your wlan0 card to connect at boot, use dhcp for ip settings, e connect to the SSID 'myWirelessName'. Your ethernet card will have a static ip.

nodejs-geoip2ws - Maxmind GeoIP2 Web Services for Node.js

  •    Javascript

Unofficial Node.js module for the Maxmind GeoIP2 Web Services. There are multiple ways to load and set up this module. All communication is done over HTTPS.

uri-hostname-parser - A lightweight hostname parser according to public suffix list ICANN section

  •    PHP

This package contains a lightweight domain parser using the Public Suffix List (PSL) ICANN section based on the excellent work by Jeremy Kendall. WARNING: Some people use the PSL to determine what is a valid domain name and what isn't. This is dangerous, particularly in these days where new gTLDs are arriving at a rapid pace, if your software does not regularly receive PSL updates, because it will erroneously think new gTLDs are not valid. The DNS is the proper source for this in normal condition. If you must use it for this purpose, please do not bake static copies of the PSL into your software with no update mechanism.