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dockerweb - A docker-powered single-file PaaS for shared cloud web hosting management

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A docker-powered single-file PaaS for shared cloud web/app hosting management. The ultimate Docker LAMP/LEMP Stack.To upgrade you just need to run docweb upgrade first and then if necessary rebuild all the images with docweb build:all and re-run all the containers to use new images built.

ansible-role-gitlab - Ansible Role - GitLab

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Installs GitLab, a Ruby-based front-end to Git, on any RedHat/CentOS or Debian/Ubuntu linux system. None.

docs - Official repository containing all docs & guides of OVH Group

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Here is all public documentation available about OVH products, in all languages. A good way to find answer to some "how to" questions about OVH products. A web version also exist here ; the website and this repo are sync.