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  •    Javascript

Currently, chronoline.js only requires raphael.js to function. jQuery is used to provide nicer tooltips (using qTip2) and dragging support, but these aren't required. To use it, provide a target element and an array of dates (possible ranges) with event descriptions, and it will render the contents of the timeline.

Horizontal Menu with Theme Selector


Horizontal Menu with Theme Selector for Designer audience. Gives you the option to switch between themes. Developed in XAML and C#. Theme Selector has 11 themes and a default state.

chalkline - :lipstick: Draw a big chalkline in your terminal! Great for debugging and reading your log output locally!

  •    Javascript

Chalkline extends the chalk package, so you can log any color line to the console.Please see chalk's colors for a list of supported colors and background colors for your chalklines.

phaser-scrollable - A phaser component to implement a scrollable group.

  •    Javascript

This component can simulate vertical and horizontal scrolling to a Phaser.Group. This component is directly derived from jdnichollsc's amazing work on his plugin, Kinetic Scrolling Plugin. I converted it to use groups instead of moving the camera, added support for multiple scrollers, and some bug fixes.

yoda - etcd for mesh force is

  •    Javascript

etcd v2 client for monitoring changes to the force - useful for networks that are changing dynamically. Somewhere on a small lonely planet - a plucky little node script wants to connect to some Mongo databases (or ZeroMQ sockets or any TCP thing).

kube-metrics-adapter - General purpose metrics adapter for Kubernetes HPA metrics

  •    Go

Kube Metrics Adapter is a general purpose metrics adapter for Kubernetes that can collect and serve custom and external metrics for Horizontal Pod Autoscaling. It discovers Horizontal Pod Autoscaling resources and starts to collect the requested metrics and stores them in memory. It's implemented using the custom-metrics-apiserver library.

UICollectionViewHorizontalPaging - iOS UICollectionView Page Scrolling

  •    Swift

I would like to provide an example how to do a horizontal page scrolling using UICollectionView.

InfiniteCollectionView - Infinite horizontal scrolling using UICollectionView.

  •    Swift

This project is made available under the MIT license. See LICENSE file for details.

react-horizontal-timeline - A Timeline component

  •    Javascript

A react port of the horizontal time-line developed by CodyHouse. Here is a demo I hope you too are a fan of the elder scrolls. It will just render a timeline with the dates that you provided and it is up to you what to do when a date is selected. i.e. it will give you the index of the date that was clicked and you can do anything with it.

ngSlimscroll - AngularJS implementation of slimScroll

  •    Javascript

This version also supports horizontal scrolling, please see the example for more information about configuring the horizontal scroll.

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