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letsencrypt-manual-hook - Allows you to use dehydrated (a Let's Encrypt/Acme Client) and DNS challenge response with a DNS provider that requires manual intervention

  •    Ruby

This repository contains a ruby-based hook for the [dehyrdated](dehyrdated: https://github.com/lukas2511/dehydrated) project (a Let's Encrypt, shell script ACME client) that allows a user to obtain a certificate from the Let's Encrypt API via a DNS challenge. The hook will provide you with the domain and challenge details required for you to add to your DNS records, and poll until this change has propogated before allowing Let's Encrypt to confirm that changes. This is helpful for DNS providers and solutions that do not provide an API. This is an interactive hook to support those DNS providers that require manual interaction. Looking for a DNS provider with an API? Try AWS Route 53, Rackspace, or CloudFlare.

redmine_undev_git - Plugin adds to Redmine ability to work with remote repositories and hooks support

  •    Ruby

The UndevGit plugin adds the UndevGit repository type to Redmine. When accessing a remote or local repository, UndevGit clones it and then works with the created copy.