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awesome-hep - A curated list of HEP / EEP enabled projects


A curated list of HEP-EEP enabled projects and products.

captagent - 100% Open-Source Packet Capture Agent for HEP

  •    C

Captagent is a powerful, flexible, completely modular HEP packet capture and mirroring framework for RTC, ready for (virtually) any kind of IP protocol and encapsulation method - past, present - and future. If you found a bug or issue with the code, please raise an Issue on the project tracker.

hepipe.js - Pipe arbitrary data rows (logs, events, cdrs, esl, etc) to HEP Server (HOMER)

  •    Javascript

Each module features its own programming used to match and encapsulate extracted data using the desired HEP payload (e.g. JSON vs SIP) and send it to an HOMER instance. These are configured by setting the related sections in config.js (see examples/ for managing log events, ESL events (log, RTCP, QoS) and Janus events (SIP, other events)).

heplify-server - HEP Server & Switch in Go

  •    Go

heplify-server is a stand-alone HOMER capture server developed in Go, optimized for speed and simplicity. Distributed as a single binary ready to capture TLS and UDP HEP, Protobuf encapsulated packets from heplify or any other HEP enabled agent, indexing to database and rotating using H5 or H7 table format. heplify-server provides precise SIP and RTCP metrics with the help of Prometheus and Grafana. It gives you the possibility to get a global view on your network and individual SIP trunk monitoring. To setup a systemd service use the sample service file and follow the instructions at the top.

homer-app - HOMER 7.x App (beta)

  •    Javascript

This is a beta release mostly intended for developers. JWT Web Tokens are used to secure API. JWT settings are in src/private/jwt_settings.json.

homer-docker - HOMER Docker Containers (multiple flavours)

  •    M4

It's encouraged as a best practice to deploy separate containers for each process. To specify what's required to build & run each container, it's recommended to use docker-compose. The linked document explains a number of ways to install it, however, we'll recommend installing it using Docker (as if you're using this, your system likely has it!). Requires Docker 1.10 or greater. Which will spin up all the containers, and it will show you the logs (the STDOUT from the foreground process) as you move along. You can stop the containers by hitting ctrl-c. In production, you'll want to detach from the docker-compose up command which can be achieved with the -d option, a la...

homer-installer - HOMER 5 Install Scripts and Install Packages

  •    Shell

WARNING: Homer is rock-solid, while the installers and packages are experimental. Use at your own risk! For a reliable and fine-tuned setup please carefully review each element and/or contact support@sipcapture.org for professional assistance.

paStash - pastaʃ'ʃ = Spaghetti I/O Event Data Processing, Interpolation, Correlation and beyond :spaghetti:

  •    Javascript

PaStasH (pastaʃ'ʃ-utta) is a NodeJS multi I/O processor supporting ingestion, decoding, interpolation and correlation of data - be it logs, packets, events and beyond. PaStash supports the Logstash configuration format and delivers cross-functionality comparable to "Beats" with custom modules, providing a flexible and agnostig data pipelining tool. paStash configuration is compatible with logstash. You can easily replace a logstash node by a paStash one in most cases. The data are formatted in the same way to be compatible with logstash UIs.

captagent-js - Captagent Sample implementation in NodeJS w/ HEP3 and ES Bulk API Support

  •    Javascript

This is a fully working PROTOTYPE Captagent implementation in NodeJS w/ HEP3 and ES Bulk API Support output. Captagent-js can sniff SIP packets and send HEP3 encapsulated packets to a HOMER/PCAPTURE server - It can optionally send JSON parsed SIP packets to an Elasticsearch cluster for indexing.

HEPop - Multi-Protocol HEP Server & Switch in NodeJS (Beta) :balloon:

  •    Javascript

HEPop is a prototype stand-alone HEP Capture Server designed for HOMER7 capable of emitting indexed datasets and tagged timeseries to multiple backends in bulks. HEPop is developed using NodeJS and distributed using npm. TLDR; instant, stand-alone, minimal HOMER Server without Kamailio or OpenSIPS dependency/options.

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