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strml.net - STRML: Projects & Work

  •    Javascript

STRML: Projects & Work

elm-lang.org - Server and client code for the Elm website.

  •    Elm

Running bash build.sh should generate the static website in _site.

Organizr - HTPC/Homelab Services Organizer - Written in PHP

  •    PHP

Do you have quite a bit of services running on your computer or server? Do you have a lot of bookmarks or have to memorize a bunch of ip's and ports? Well, Organizr is here to help with that. Organizr allows you to setup "Tabs" that will be loaded all in one webpage. You can then work on your server with ease. You can even open up two tabs side by side. Want to give users access to some Tabs? No problem, just enable user support and have them make an account. Want guests to be able to visit too? Enable Guest support for those tabs.

Heimdall - An Application dashboard and launcher

  •    PHP

As the name suggests Heimdall Application Dashboard is a dashboard for all your web applications. It doesn't need to be limited to applications though, you can add links to anything you like. Heimdall is an elegant solution to organise all your web applications. It’s dedicated to this purpose so you won’t lose your links in a sea of bookmarks.


  •    JQuery

JQuery plugin where you can show a certain div block based on an image that you select.

bazel-website - Website for Bazel, a fast, scalable, multi-language and extensible build system

  •    HTML

This repository hosts the content of the Bazel website, available at https://bazel.build/ It does not contain the Bazel documentation or the Bazel blog.To build the site, you will need Jekyll version 2.5.3 or above. For instance, it can be installed with apt-get install jekyll on recent Ubuntu (tested on 16.10).

npm-user - Get user info of an npm user

  •    Javascript

Since npm has no API for this we're forced to scrape the profile page.Use the faster npm-email if you only need the email.

athityakumar.github.io - The profile homepage and blog repository of Athitya Kumar.

  •    HTML

The profile homepage and blog repository of Athitya Kumar. For documentation, have a look at the blog post here.

InBrief - InBrief is a personal briefing app and dashboard powered by Electron and React

  •    Javascript

InBrief is a personal briefing app and dashboard powered by Electron and React. In one screen, InBrief provides an overview of your top RSS feeds, Twitter lists, local weather, email unread and flagged status, todos, and schedule. This app is meant to be the homepage and daily starting place for its users.

helloper.com - My homepage.

  •    HTML

This is the source of helloper.com. It's based on the Kollegorna Middleman Boilerplate. The master branch is automatically deployed to my 512 mb Vultr VPS using Codeship.

yevgeniy-brikman-homepage - The Yevgeniy Brikman Home Page

  •    CSS

This is the code for the Yevgeniy Brikman Home Page. Check out Migrating from Blogger to GitHub Pages and launching the new ybrikman.com for background info.

hackergarten.github.io - Hackgarten Homepage

  •    Javascript

hackergarten.github.io ======================

rzl-homepage - The Jekyll instance powering our homepage

  •    HTML

This repository is rather large (about 200MB at the time of writing) because everything (including images) is included. The initial cloning therefore takes a few seconds (depending on your Internet connection). Please have a look at our contribution guidelines.

crystal-website - crystal-lang.org website

  •    Javascript

The docker container will launch jekyll with --incremental option. As always, thanks to the community who contributes to Crystal and its infrastructure and projects.

publ-wg - Home page of the Publishing Working Group

  •    HTML

GitHub repositories are linked from each specification. Use the standard fork, branch, and pull request workflow to propose changes to the specification. Please make branch names informative—by including the issue or bug number for example.

galaxy-hub - Galaxy Community Hub

  •    HTML

Source for the Galaxy Hub Website (galaxyproject.org). The Galaxy Hub is the community and documentation hub for the Galaxy Project. It is maintained by the community through this GitHub repository. It is a static website built using the metalsmith static site generator. Interested in contributing? To get started all you need is a GitHub account and a basic understanding of GitHub and Markdown. See CONTRIBUTING.md for more.

qpage - 👨‍💻 Free Project For Creating Academic Homepage Without Any Code In 3min

  •    Python

QPage or QuickPage is a Free Project For Creating Academic Homepage Without Any Code We developed QPage on Windows but it also run in Linux and Mac-OSX. QPage is written in Python3, in order to run it, you will need a python interpereter.

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